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Arnaud Gouillon: Albanian and Serbian extremists are threatening me, I am afraid that I will be banned from entering Kosovo

The Frenchman is afraid for the first time, after 13 years of humanitarian work in the southern Serbian country

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It has been five days since Arnaud Gouillon was a guest on the tv talk show "New Day" on tv N1, but the passions are not calming down. It seems that it is only growing even more - and not only between the greatest humanitarian in Serbia and N1. As Arnaud said for Telegraf, Albanian media are creating false charges against him, bringing him into direct danger. 

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And that is all happening right now when he is supposed to deliver trucks of humanitarian help on Kosovo, within the traditional Christmas Convoy.

- Due to this craze, which started on Friday, I am getting a lot of threats, insults, hate messages from Albanians and Serbian extremists. I feel hurt and jeopardized. I feel hard these days, and in the moments when a man starts questioning himself, one looks behind and sees what he has done - the Frenchman was very upset.

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- I see 27 renovated schools, 5 built farms, smiles of the children we take to the sea every year, people we visit in their isolated villages on Kosovo... And what do people who are spreading the craze have behind them besides empty talks? That is the difference between them and me. I am glad that Serbian people recognized the real me and that they are supporting me, and that is filling up my heard - he adds.

As he mentioned, he had to justify quite often in France why is he helping Serbs, and he never expected that he will have to do that in Belgrade as well.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- Although all the threats I've been getting are bringing me personally into danger, those who will suffer the most are those we are helping and those who live in inhumane conditions on Kosovo, the people no one talks about on the media that are attacking me. It is obviously a well-organized campaign with the aim to slow down our work, just because I am clearly and loudly speaking about Serbia and France and the situation on Kosovo - Arnaud said.

Besides everything, his greatest concern will be if he will be banned from entering Kosovo. 

- That can easily happen because Albanian media can use this to construct all kinds of charges against me. I am afraid of the ban, and I am afraid that some extremist will attack me there, which is always possible - he said honestly.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Because of the interview with Gouillon, the tv show host Marija Antic has been receiving threats and insults.

- I absolutely condemn this and I am asking the people to stop their attacks on N1 journalists. I expect from this television to condemn the threats I have been receiving and to stop this hunt against me, which is the cause of all the threats - said Gouillon.

To recall, during his appearance in the talk show which lasted 12 minutes, his humanity and everything he has done for Serbs on Kosovo was the subject the least talked about. Most part (9 minutes) was taken up with the questions about his political preferences.

He was "burdened" with the facts that he was a member of the identitarian movement between 2010 and 2011, for participating in the Vidovdan march in 2009. This march was organized by the SNP 1389. Gouillon negated that.

The interview caused a storm on Social networks, and the Frenchman received great support. However, the entire situation was a good cause for Albanian media to start the media lynch.

Nothing good can come out of it.

Watch the entire interview below:

(Telegraf.co.uk / J. S.)

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