Disturbing footage: This is how the serial killer Edin Gacic murdered Saud Sultanic in cold blood (VIDEO)

After the murder, the killer was on the run for days

Footage of the brutal murder of Saud Sultanic has leaked. It was done by serial killer Edin Gacic in the shop in Konjic.

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Soon after the crime in Konjic, Gajic killed police officer Mahir Bagic, who was securing the objects in Suhodol.

After that, there was a tiresome search for the criminal which included more than 1.200 police officers. Gacic was located near Lepenica, where he was surrounded by Sarajevo police officers. He was shooting at them with guns he took from the murdered Begic.

Special forces returned fire and they killed the murderer.

The video shows Sultanic sitting in the shop, the opening of the door, Gacic entering and victim falling to the floor. 

Serial killer slowly closing the door, and then he kicked Sultanic several times, who was lying on the floor.

The footage shows Gacic holding weapons in the head, and then approaching the victim, stabbing him in the back several times. 

After that, the murderer left the store as if everything is normal as if he didn't commit any crimes.

We warn the readers that this is a disturbing content:

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(Telegraf.co.uk / Avaz.ba)

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