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"I will Balkanize the US and ensure that NATO isn't on Muslim side like it is on Kosovo": The terrorist murdered 49 people and he announced vengeance for the death of thousands of Christians


Brenton Tarrant highlights the uncompromising struggle of "white people against Muslims" in his manifesto

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According to the last information, the attacker on New Zealand, Brenton Tarrant, murdered 49 people, and 48 were injured. He was live on Facebook before the massacre in the mosques, and he has published his manifesto on many social networks. He stated the reason that he "doesn't want NATO to mix with the questions like Kosovo again, where they will be on the side of Muslims and where they will kill Christians". 

A terrorist was preparing for slaughter with the song about Karadzic: One minute before massacring 49 people, he was listening to the Chetnik song (VIDEO)

This is the part of his text which he published on many social networks:

"Finally, to create conflict between the two ideologies within the United States on the ownership of firearms in order to further the social, cultural, political and racial divide within the United States. This conflict over the 2nd amendment and the attempted removal of firearms rights will ultimately result in a civil war that will eventually balkanize the US along political, cultural and, most importantly, racial lines.

This balkanization of the US will not only result in the racial separation of the people within the United States ensuring the future of the White race on the North American continent, but also ensuring the death of the “melting pot” pipe dream.

Furthermore, this balkanization will also reduce the USA’s ability to project power globally, and thereby ensure that never again can such a situation as the US involvement in Kosovo ever occur again(where US/NATO forces fought beside Muslims and slaughtered Christian Europeans attempting to remove these Islamic occupiers from Europe).


Through the manifesto, he continually reiterates that people of a white race are endangered by Islamic believers. In the second paragraph, he gives the answer to the possible question, why did he commit the massacre:

- To take revenge on the invaders for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders in European lands throughout history. To take revenge for the enslavement of millions of Europeans taken from their lands by the Islamic slavers. To take revenge for the thousands of European lives lost to terror attacks throughout European lands. To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund. To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the invaders themselves. To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result. To incite violence, retaliation and a further divide between the European people and the invaders currently occupying European soil. - some of the reasons, and he added:

- To drive a wedge between the nations of NATO that are European and the Turks that also make a part of the NATO forces, thereby turning NATO once more into a united European army and pushing Turkey once more back to the true position of a foreign, enemy force.

Foto: Facebook

Tarrant posted different photos and footages on his profiles on social networks, and one of them shows a rifle and ammo with various writings.

Words in English and in Serbian could be seen on one of the pictures.

Foto: Facebook

I will attack the invaders, I will even show it live on Facebook", said Brenton Tarrant among other things, pointing to the links where the attack can be watched.

"If I don't survive the attack, goodbye, God bless you and see you in Valhalla", written in the post which started spreading the social networks.

VIDEO: Shocking footage from the scene: The survivors in the rooms of the mosque 

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Ro)

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