Armed bank robbery in Skopje: The attackers disabled the guards, they escaped with a bag of money and set the escape car on fire (VIDEO)

The president of the board of directors of NLB Tutun bank, Antonio Argir, didn't reveal how much money the robbers stole

Four masked and armed robbers robber te NLB Tutun bank this morning in the Skopje suburb Cair. The armed robbery happened in the street Ferid Bajram, and the police received the call at 10:36.

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The attackers rushed in with masks on their heads and they attacked the member of the security E.E. (26). He was hurt, but as they announced from the police of Northern Macedonia "there were no persons that were hurt by weapons".

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The eyewitnesses said for the local Skopje media that the attackers were armed with automatic rifles who had additional ammo taped to the guns. When they got the money from the bank they started running. They fired a warning shot when they were leaving.

The president of the board of directors of NLB Tutun bank, Antonio Argir, didn't reveal how much money the robbers stole.

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- I can't say anything. Armed robbery, the report will be given by the police. I can't say anything yet. The employees are fine, the most important thing is that there are no victims, there are few injuries, but everything is ok - said Argir.

According to the unofficial information, the robbers fired a warning shot into the air, and then they sat down in a gray vehicle "Golf 5", which was found 2 hours after the robbery and it was set on fire near the river Serava at the city cemetery Butel.

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The robbers tried to cover their tracks, and as it is presumed, they got into the other vehicle and they went to the unknown direction. They stated in the police that they are taking all necessary measures to solve this case, which includes inspecting the surveillance footage from the bank, from the surrounding objects and the streets.

Banks in Northern Macedonia are a common target for the thieves. Two months ago, masked and armed robbers got into the Halk Bank near the exit of Skopje. The robbers and the money haven't been found yet.

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