Attack on Serbia from two sides: They are "setting on fire" the Raska area and the south of the country (VIDEO)

It is about the moves and statements of Sulejman Ugljanin and representatives of the Albanians from the south of Serbia

Months have passed from the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, while at the same time the relations between the two sides worsened, primarily because of unilateral moves by the leaders of the provisional institutions of self-government in Kosovo and Metohija. When such a conversation finally occurred on the summit in Berlin, they responded at the same time, like following of the command, the voices from central Serbia, who want to "heat up" the boiling atmosphere. It is about the moves and statements of Sulejman Ugljanin and representatives of the Albanians from the south of Serbia.

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Pristina's moves led to a possible escalation of the situation: the introduction of a taxes on the goods from central Serbia, the formation of the "Army of Kosovo", the ban on entry of Serbian officials to Kosovo and Metohija.

The stalemate in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina because of all of the mentioned above lasts for months and then the leading European lead, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron organized the summit of Western Balkans in Berlin where there were some talks between the two sides and another meeting was agreed in Paris at the beginning of June.

This summit gave some hope, although not too big, that not everything is lost. However, there are always raising of inter-ethnic tensions.

Sulejman Ugljanin

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However, Ugljanin didn't stop there, soon, he stated that Stefan Nemanja, or the St. Simeon, committed greater crimes than Ratko Mladic, and he met with the leader of the Movement of Self-Determination, Albin Kurti in Pristina.

- The Albanians from Presevo, Medvedja, Bujanovac, are working and they want to integrate with the territory of the Republic of Kosovo - said the leader of the Albanian democratic party and the former mayor of Presevo Regmi Mustafa.

Mayor if Bujanovac, president of the party of democratic action, Saip Kamberi, also thinks that this is the best option.

- Of course, the best option is to have Presevo valley join with Kosovo, but we are outer players who can't mix with the inner policy of Kosovo and we can't give our opinions - said the mayor of Bujanovac and the leader of the Party of Democratic action, Saip Kamberi.

Šaip Kamberi

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The response of the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, followed. He said that that the statements to merge Presevo Valley to Kosovo, and that those are only desires of individuals, but the reality is much different.

- Everybody has the right to have their own desires, and the reality is much different, so that we always have Sulejman Ugljanin and many others who have their own desires, but that is all that is, a desire. But, believe me, Ugljanin would like the most to have a chair in Belgrade - said Vucic.

Aleksandar Vučić, Novi Sad


While commenting on this situation, political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic said that the mentioned statements are the consequence of what Ugljanin and the leaders of Albanians saw and that the geopolitical situation is changing.

- It is just a matter of time that Serbia will come in the situation to impose some compromise solution about Kosovo. that is why they try to put the question or their "cases", the matters of south and central Serbia and Raska area. That is irrational and it is not the same. These are integral parts of Serbia, and Kosovo is a separatist province, which has to negotiate with Belgrade if they want to have a better future - said Andjelkovic.


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