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A couple from Nis went to Bulgaria to buy cytostatic for chemotherapy, but they were brutally robbed: They had no mercy for pregnant Snezana

- The police arrived 30 minutes after, we barely begged them to send a patrol to investigate the case. I understood that nothing is going to change - said the robbed Nemanja

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Nemanja (36) and Snezana (30) Milosevic from Nis will certainly remember the last trip to Sofia for a long time, when their car "Kia Sportage" disappeared in three minutes in front of the store, in the middle of the day from a parking lot. According to Nis news, the case was reported to the police immediately, bud judging by the reaction of the authorities, this married couple doesn't hope to sit back in the car ever again.

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Nemanja went to Sofia on that day with his wife to buy cytostatics for her mother which she uses in chemotherapy, and which is cheaper there, and there is none in Serbia. They wanted to drop by a toy store when they were coming back, they parked a car. Several moments later, when they returned, the car was gone.

He said that comforted by the fact that everything happened fast, and that he knew that the car was almost empty on gas, so he hoped that the police will be able to catch the thieves. However, he didn't expect that the police will react so slowly.

The police arrived 30 minutes after, we barely begged them to send a patrol to investigate the case. They didn't ask me what was the model of the car, what are the license plates, they just told me to go to the station to fill in the paper. I understood that nothing is going to change - said this man to Novosti.

They spent hours in the station. They asked about the model of the car around midnight, but they couldn't issue a search warrant because the commander wasn't there. Both of their passports were in the car and they couldn't leave the country.

- They said from the embassy that they will help us as much as possible so we can finish everything in 24 hours, they took into consideration that my wife is pregnant, that we have a small child at home, or we would have to wait a week to leave the country. There was no one who cared where are we going to spend the night in the police station, nor that the wife was pregnant, she couldn't even get a glass of water to drink, nor a chair to sit down. Luckily, we had our cards and some money with us, so we paid for some accommodation, I don't know what would we do if we didn't have any money, we would probably spend the night on the street. The police reported everything to Interpol on the third day - he said.

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