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Weather warning: Strong wind that overturns trucks and roofs, snow in these parts of the country

There will be strong and stormy northwestern wind, which will be weakening as of Thursday, February 6, said the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMZ)

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RHMZ has issued a new warning about possible wind and snow storms.

"In the southwest, south and southeast of Serbia, as well as in the Homolje area, snow is expected to be 5 to 20 centimeters deep, while the mountains will have more snow. In central parts, smaller snow cover of up to 5 centimeters is places," a statement said.

Upozorenje, RHMZ


Further, RHMZ warned of strong wind gusts.

There will be strong and stormy northwestern wind, which will be weakening as of Thursday, February 6, they announced.

Wind turned over tank truck, carried roofs, tore down the trees

It was thanks to sheer luck that tragedy was avoided yesterday when strong wind caused a truck to overturn on a bypass road in Sabac, a part of the Sabac-Loznica highway.

The first to face the stormy wind were inhabitants of the north. In Kac, the wind even carried away roofs.

The storm also reached Belgrade, where strong wind blew down trees.

The temperature is expected to be dropping, with strong and storm-strength wind. The area of precipitation and high winds will be moving further to the southern and eastern parts of Serbia.

Western Serbia paralyzed

A powerful storm took place in Western Serbia yesterday. Rain and stormy wind, which hit the area in the afternoon, paralyzed traffic on the main streets of Cacak, and due to weather conditions, some settlements were left without electricity.

"Ljubic and Konjevic have not had power since 5 pm, we called the power company and they told us that the transmission line cannot be repaired until the morning. Most of homes here are heated by electricity, so this will be a long and cold night for all of us," Ljubinko Jovanovic from the Ljubic settlement told RINA.

The heavy stormy rain turned to snow in higher lying areas, while as a result of new precipitation a few more centimeters of snow were added on Mt. Zlatibor. During the night in the south and central parts of Serbia snow will reach from 5 to 20 centimeters.

Sneg, Zlatibor, nevreme

Photo: RINA

In Kosovo, power outages due to wind

Strong winds caused dozens of failures last night in the electricity distribution network across Kosovo, leaving more than 100,000 consumers without electricity.

The electricity distribution and supply company, KEDS, said the area of ​​Dukadjin, that includes Pec, Prizren and Djakovica, was the hardest hit. There were also problems on the grid in Pristina and Mitrovica.

"The teams are on the ground, and the company immediately mobilized additional teams to repair malfunctions as soon as possible, but winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour caused considerable damage. As a result, many conductors fell to the ground, with a significant number of electrical poles broken. This, along with extremely difficult weather conditions, makes intervention very difficult," KEDS said.


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