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All the nonsense we believe in blindly that makes us more scared of coronavirus than we should be

Some myths and facts about the virus that the planet is afraid of

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Koronavirus mapa Azija

Ilustracija: Nikola Jovanović

In many cities in China, today is the first working day after an extended vacation, with many working from home because of coronavirus.

According to the latest information, a hospital has been opened in Wuhan whose construction began in late January, while there are not enough masks in Beijing. Officials have acknowledged there have been omissions in response to the crisis, but the number of people who have been cured exceeds the number of deaths.

More than 630 people have been discharged from hospitals across China. Currently, close to 24,000 are infected while just under 500 have died.

However, what is more worrying than the virus itself is the propaganda, and the fact that the whole world is afraid, while the entire Chinese nation of 1.4 billion people is being stigmatized because of this virus.

Take a look at the most common myths, but also the facts that should guide you:

Koronavirus, mitovi i činjenice

Illustration: Nikola Jovanovic


- coronavirus is the most dangerous virus on the planet
- I will die if I get infected with coronavirus
- I must alway wear a mask in order to protect myself
- China is to blame for everything
- I believe everything I've read about coronavirus so far


- seasonal flu kills 60 time more people than coronavirus
- only 2 percent of those infected with coronavirus didn't survive, and they were mostly older people
- washing your hands regularly and blocking your mouth and nose while sneezing is the best prevention
- the panic and hysteria has elements of xenophobia and racism, and is not based on proof. There is no justification for such a thing
- disinformation and racism are more dangerous than any virus. Read expert sites and seek proof, don't be guided by ideology

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