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Montenegro has new explanation of conditions for entering that country without quarantine

The assistant minister of health of Montenegro said that professionals will make a decision on whether the border with Serbia will be opened or not

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Authorities in Montenegro said today that professionals will make a decision on whether the citizens of Serbia will be able to go to Montenegro without quarantine.

After Serbia announced that more than 4,000 patients with Covid 19 were cured in one day, the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro asked for an explanation from colleagues from Serbia.

"Professionlas will decide whether we will open the border towards Serbia on the basis of the answer we receive from Batut. We will see what methodology they applied, what changed during the night, what explanations are in question. We are not involved in politics, we are interested in our state," said Assistant Minister of Health Vesna Miranovic, reports Vijesti.

She said that "it is unusual in this story that they previously tested twice in Serbia, and now once."

"The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro has certain protocols that guide us, where the patient was tested twice from the moment they had no symptoms, and the test should have been negative, and that proved to be excellent. We were completely safe. We will see what principle Serbia has undertaken. We are exclusively interested in our state," said Miranovic.

She added that she would not consider political statements.

"We are considering the risk for the population of Montenegro, we are not looking at any country in particular. The risk must be at the lowest level. There is no need to argue with each other," said Miranovic.

Speaking about the opening of the borders of other countries for the citizens of Montenegro, she said that it was a matter of diplomacy.

"We should not think about who is expanding the lists and in what way. Whether they will include us on the list is a matter of diplomacy," said Miranovic.

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