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Heartbreaking words of Pavle Gavura, who rescued Minja from fire: "I can't believe she passed away"

Gavura and several other construction workers performed a feat that is rarely seen

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Pavle Gavura

Photo: Mateja Beljan

Pavle Gavura, a hero who saved a 15-year-old girl from a fire that broke out in a residential building in Dorcol, Belgrade, today received the saddest news - the victim, who pleaded and pleaded for help from her balcony, and to whom he offered a helping hand, in the end failed to overcome the terrible burns that she suffered on that fateful October 27.

"I can't believe it. I just heard... I was in touch with her family while she was getting the treatment. Forgive me, but I don't feel like talking...," Gavura told us in a telephone conversation.

Although she had been conscious and, as Pavle Gavura told Telegraf at the time, smiled at him in gratitude for the heroic act of his and of his colleagues - several workers from a nearby construction site who immediately ran over to help - she had serious burns.

Dark fears immediately appeared, those who saw her burns commented that "only God and the day today (it was the feast of St. Petka) could save her."

Volunteers even donated skin grafts that were necessary for the treatment of the girl, and everything seemed to be going well.

But, the outcome of the treatment of such burns is always uncertain, because even the smallest infection that passes through those open wounds can be fatal.

Gavura, together with several other workers, performed a feat that is rarely seen. He climbed from the balcony of the apartment below to the one above that was in flames. The girl stood helplessly, while the flames relentlessly burned her body. They took her down and thought that they had defeated death, but her fate was different.

Video: Smoke was coming out of her mouth: The heroes who rescued a girl from a fire in downtown Belgrade


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