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The most bizarre accident in Serbian sports: Club official jumps over fence, falls through tarpaulin

Unpleasant scenes in Leskovac, where the secretary of the handball club Dubocica 54 had an accident during the match

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RK Dubočica

Printscreen: Youtube/Arkus liga

M.P., the secretary of the handball club Dubocica 54 was seriously injured on Saturday night during a match that his club played against Rudar, after he fell from a great height. He had to be transferred to the Clinical Center in Nis, where doctors are fighting to save his life.

Namely, as Telegraf has learned, M.P. was in attendance during the match, to which he is entitled as a member of the club's management, and was accompanied by club president Srbislav Nesic. He then left the stands because he was on his way to his granddaughter's engagement party, which was also the reason he was dressed elegantly.

Why next - instead of leaving the venue by the door, M.P. decided to jump over a fence about 1.2 meters high and then continue to walk on the tarpaulin that covered a boxing arena, and through which he fell through after walking like that about two meters - remains a mystery to everyone at the club.

As a result of falling from a great height, M.P. suffered severe head injuries. An ambulance quickly arrived, transported him to the hospital in Leskovac, but because of the seriousness of his injuries, M.P. was transferred to Nis, to the neurosurgery ward, where he is currently in serious condition, connected to devices as doctors are fighting to save his life.

The police was at the scene of the accident, conducted an investigation and took statements from witnesses. The club is still in shock, as President Srbislav Nesic still can't believe what happened or understand why M.P. jumped over the fence.

"He left the hall, that was the last time we saw each other, I didn't see how it happened afterwards, I only saw what happened. We all wonder what was in his head when he jumped over that fence between the hall and the pool. He is currently in Nis, at the neurosurgery ward, and the situation is very difficult," Nesic told Telegraf.


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