Teme: Germany

Perhaps we are the Gods of basketball because of this: How was the basketball played in occupied Belgrade (VIDEO)

Young people are massively moving away from Balkans to Germany: They will return only under one condition, and 80% left for the same reason

Confidential document of the CIA and the BND from 1977: Here's what remains of Serbia after the split of the SFRY and the division into the colonies (PHOTO)

NO ROMA PEOPLE ALLOWED: He came from Germany to his homeland, and his family was not allowed into Aqua park. His son's question was the hardest (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

IVANA IS A HORSE WHISPERER: She revealed a secret to us how to listen to animals and talk with them (PHOTO)

Serbian rower, who disappeared, has been found and urgently transported to the hospital

Croatia entered a "customs war" with three other countries: Italy, Austria and Germany filed charges to the European Commission

150 euros a day to work in Germany, and no one wants it. Perhaps you want do to it?

Zoran (19) is a real Serb even though he is a born German: He can go to practice anywhere in the world, but he wants to work in SERBIA!

I came from Germany to a wedding in Krusevac: When i gave them the envelope, i never felt so ashamed in my life

Confession of Zika from the Empire of Brothels: This is an experience that you thought was only available to billionaires and sheikhs

Christian was in North Korea and he danced on the most dangerous border in the world: He discovered everything we didn't know about Kim (PHOTO)

DISCOURAGING FORECAST: We are poorer than 30 years ago, this is how long will it take to reach current EU level

The European Union expects Serbia to give up Kosovo: Germany's official reveals second great goal of Brussels

JIHADISTS WENT FOR SERBIA: We have not forgotten the suffering of Muslims, the Balkans will pay in blood! (PHOTO)

The entire Europe is trying to hire this girl from Belgrade: She made a robot that shows emotions! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Germany has a special plan for the Western Balkans, and here it is

"Kosovo developed into a center of ISLAMIC TERRORISM in the region right before KFOR eyes"

Germany does not accept border changes in the Balkans


CLEAR MESSAGE FROM GERMANY: "Kosovo Army" only with agreement with Serbs

Dejan has dogs which cure hard diseases: I am a dog whisperer, i live with a pack, and this is their secret power (VIDEO)

Belgrade was bombed because of Adolf Hitler's vanity: That was his personal revenge! (PHOTO)

We talked to people who reached Serbia in their Civil March for Aleppo: We have been walking across Europe from December (PHOTO)

Thaci is buying weapons from Germans: Albanians want light artillery and modern infantry weapons!

Bosnian moved to Germany two years ago: He reveals what happens when you look for a job and you are late on your first day (VIDEO)

EUROPE IS A POWDER KEG, BALKAN IS ONLY THE FUSE: A warning comes from the West what is dangerous and what should be feared of

Are you certain that there are most Serbs in Serbia? You may be surprised when you see the real statistics!

Ivona went to Germany to be a mailman and now she has a strong message for everyone about "promised land"

Austria offers fantastic wages to Serbian and Bosnian cooks