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I am convinced that there won't be a war, but we won't allow a pogrom of Serbs: Vucic about tensions on Kosovo (PHOTO)

She entered the OR in a wheelchair: Not even a broken leg could stop Dr. Danica Grujic from operating a patient (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The value of Serbian passport increased: We can go to 126 countries, but we still need a visa for 72 countries (complete list)

Dodik left the meeting due to the fact that the Flag of Republika Srpska was not displayed (VIDEO)

Exclusive! Dejan Savicevic about the match against Kosovo for the first time: This is the hardest situation, we have the Serbian, Montenegrin and Albanian side!

Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)

The family of the dead baby Danica crushed with pain: My little thing, our light, and joy. It would be her first birthday last week (PHOTO)

Kosovo Albanians demand the unification of South and North Mitrovica in the near future: They are pushing the law before the Pristina authorities

Americans drove Yugo to discover if it's really the worst car in the world: Here's what they concluded (VIDEO)

Twitter profile of the "Lord of Kosovo" has been hacked! Serbian hackers said to Kadri Veseli: "This is your first warning" (VIDEO)

Jokic's craziest three points in his life were not valid, but the Serb brought the great victory for Denver with a triple-double (VIDEO)

I will personally give my best to abolish the taxes imposed by Pristina authorities: Johannes Hahn met with the members of the Serbian List (PHOTO)

Cooperation between Serbia and China at the highest level in history: The new silk road is changing the map of the world, our country is a significant point in the "Belt and Road" route

Hahn won't meet with the representatives of the Serbian list? He traveled to Pristina after the meeting with the president of Serbia

NATO has spoken of a solution for Kosovo that involves border change

This city near us had the most polluted air in the world, even worse than Beijing

Another state withdrew recognition of Kosovo, and this paper made Albanians furious (PHOTO)

A mafia murder in Belgrade which lasted one minute: The murderer got close to Vlada Pop, and one little thing reveals the executor (PHOTO)

National kitchens on Kosovo and Metohija urgently need help: People and children will be hungry soon if nothing changes!

Albanians officially want to take over the north of Mitrovica: They adopted the "Unification" initiative (VIDEO)

Entire Serbia is chasing for the greatest prize ever: Everybody participates in the race for 5 million euros, and they are buying the tickets like never before

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

The European Parliament asks Kosovo to respect the CEFTA agreement but also demands visas for citizens

Two babies killed in Serbia in just 5 days, the monstrous acts continue: We can't forget about burning or drowning of newborns

A traffic light dangling by a thread confused the Montenegrins: It turns around after you to show that you drove through the red light (VIDEO)

Mutated flu is coming to Serbia: It is a combination of swine and regular flu, it is immune to all vaccines, watch yourselves

US Senator sends a message to Vucic and Thaci: Leave some room for agreement, the US is there to support it

We are worried about the deterioration of relations after Pristina measures: Concerns in the European Parliament

Confession of Tamara who received a heart of a little girl who died from ecstasy: This wonderful heart is growing stronger in me. Know that I will take good care of it, little angel

A torrent of water in front of the Old Town in Kotor: The main street is flooded, metal pontoons were placed (VIDEO)