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We jumped over the table to settle this, and then Vucic jumped! Dacic about the details of a quarrel on the meeting with Albanians in Brussels

Presidential elections in Macedonia will be held at the end of April

She "accidentally" got in a school and she became one of the best 50 teachers in the world: This is a story about Katarina Veljkovic, the pride of Serbian education (PHOTO)

Slavoljub's father died because of cold, and he has been eating a loaf of flour and water for years: He rarely speaks with people (VIDEO)

"You have offered us a hug and you have destroyed the cold": Children of Kosovo wrote a poem to Arnaud Gouillon (PHOTO)

The US threatens Pristina! Abolish fees or we will introduce sanctions: What's written in the official document passed by the State Department

Brussels' block for Pristina! You won't make a single step towards the EU unless you abolish the taxes for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

The entire region is laughing at a local politician from Serbia: He slipped spectacularly and he delivered a pile of wood on his head (VIDEO)

HAPPY SERBIAN NEW YEAR: Telegraf.rs wishes you a lot of health and laughter in the Orthodox 2019!

The entire world is talking about the Serb from Prokuplje: Brave Irena in the US saved a barefoot child from certain freezing on the street (VIDEO)

A complete list of the greatest sharks of the Serbian underground who were arrested today in the great police action (PHOTO)

A reckless driver hit the ramp on a railroad crossing and continued forward: A few seconds later a van comes and the train rushes by! (VIDEO)

A nun is defying the snowdrifts, she brought the newlyweds to the wedding with a quad: Guests walked to the monastery on a snow-covered road (PHOTO)

A young man locked a bike in front of the Faculty in Podgorica, and when he returned to get it, he almost fainted (PHOTO)

EXCLUSIVE! Watch how Divac fired from a shotgun for Christmas: A Serb from the USA described for Telegraf how he convinced the legend to take a shot! (VIDEO)

Terrible accident near Krusevac: Bus skidded in the curve and it hit a car. Doctors are fighting for a life of a pregnant woman, the firefighters are trying to get the body of the driver (PHOTO)

"Nikola Tesla had nothing better and look how he turned out to be": Student wanted to show the terrible conditions of the faculty in Niksic, and he was welcomed with negative comments (PHOTO)

Drama in front of the Emergency center: A family lied down in front of the vehicle, they prevented the transport of the patient with their bodies (VIDEO)

The hostess of the show invited Serbs to vote for Jokic, and they had a brutal answer: He will get the vote if he plays for the national team

Serbian drug clan "America" fell on its knees because of a Bosnian: Smuggling of 1.5 tons of cocaine from Peru to Belgium prevented (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Republika Srpska is marking its day! Patriarch Irinej arrived at Banja Luka, Vucic congratulated Zeljka Cvijanovic

The act of God: Incredible sight of Mount Athos that will take your breath away (PHOTO)

Putin will award Vucic with a prestigious medal: A turbulent history of Order of Alexander Nevsky, its name, looks, and symbolism kept changing

They celebrate Christmas in a unique way in this village in Serbia: After sharing the ceremonial bread there is a gallop race (PHOTO)

Vajda revealed a secret plan of Novak Djokovic: Federer's record must fall!

Divac escaped shootout in Jackson: Serbs in California celebrated Christmas with shooting (PHOTO)

Fake American soldiers tricked women from Croatia over Facebook: They promised life together, one of them lost 24.000 euros

The latest warning - Serbia will be snowed in! We can expect a minimum of 10cm of snow and icy days

The wind was literally carrying a plane in Tivat like a toy: Everything was shaking, the passengers panicked (VIDEO)

What hides behind Rama's decision to erase the border between Albania and Kosovo and Metohija?