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Confession of a man who almost bought a baby in Belgrade: 10.000 marks for one child, 15.000 twins

Ana Brnabic at the Summit of the Western Balkans in Poznan: Haradinaj's arrival is announced

Grabar Kitarovic's outfit at the American Embassy is a hot topic (PHOTO)

Nole started laughing over the question: Here's what he said on the proposal to make a baby to a man

Artillery grenade discovered in the center of the city. It will be destroyed (PHOTO)

No workers in Montenegro, they are importing Indonesians and Filipinos

No entry for all Serbian officials in Kosovo! The new crazy decision of Pristina

Vucic wrote to Trump: He invited him to Serbia and asked support for finding a solution for Kosovo

They had a fight and forgot a child: A baby "left" on the street

Mother heard that her son drowned in Serbia so she remained on Airport: No visa, no news about him

A body of a migrant found in Drina river: The body floated for four days in the water

A man asked Novak to make him a child: Watch the reaction of shocked Djokovic (VIDEO)

Touching video of American embassy about Serbian genius: He conquered the Moon and saved astronauts

I think that we have the name of Ivanovic's murderer: Vucic revealed Albanian plan to take Kosovo

Famous lawyer Zora Dobricanin defends Jutka: No judge will sentence my client without evidence

The longest European snake recorded in Croatia: It can grow up to 2.5 meters (VIDEO)

There are more and more divorces in Serbia each year, this is the main reason for failed marriages

Beginning of the Western Balkans summit in Poznan, the meeting of leaders on Friday

Shops in the north of Kosovo are reopened

He was wounded and has shrapnel next to his heart. He barely breathes and works to feed his children

A scene from a bus station in Tuzla made the entire region sad: Let the tears drop

President Vucic will address the public regarding the situation on Kosovo and Metohija

We reveal the success of a Serbian family: They make brandy which tastes like gold and it costs 40€

Montenegrin Plantations are crying for workers: Daily wage €35, they mostly have workers from Serbia

The greatest Albanian lobbyist is coming to Belgrade: He wanted bombing and recognition of Kosovo

Son of famous Serbian businessman sentenced to 12 months of house arrest

They were separated by war fence for 24 years: They demolished it with one wedding kiss