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If a war breaks out, Montenegro has 5.000 soldiers: We are a small but efficient country and NATO member

Stefan started a business in South America and he is now living his dream: He travels and explores its beauties, he has been in Medellin and here's what people think about Serbia (PHOTO)

A dead drunk Croat (53) roamed on the highway in Bavarska, he was trying to return to his own country

A Croat fell in love with a Serb girl and now they want to live together: They asked people in what country should they start their new life

Who will take control of the intelligence service: The new conflict between Thaci and Haradinaj

Brothers Stevo and Dusan live in Croatia in complete dark, and since they have 80 euro Yugo, they don't have the rights for social help

"We messed up!" A member of the protocol of president Macron admitted to Figaro: Serbia unfairly humiliated at the commemoration in Paris

Montenegro was shaking: Earthquake of 4.3 degrees struck Ulcinj

Cry of little Nadja's mother was supported by thousands of people, but only one person joined her in protest - her friend

Kolinda met with numerous world leaders in Paris, and she conveyed greetings to Putin from her daughter

The law on Montenegrin language caused a lot of controversies: The experts divided, and some are taking Serbia as an example

Thaci praised on Twitter about the meeting with Putin, Kremlin is still silent: What were they talking about?

Footage of incredible robbery in Novi Pazar: He approached the seller and he took out two huge knives, and he asked him to open the cash register (VIDEO)

(PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE) A terrible scene in Belgrade: Tram derailed and crashed into a building, the street is blocked

Englishmen crowned Novak in London, and then the best tennis player in the world sent a message about Serbian history to everybody (PHOTO)

19 more powerful aircraft for the Serbian army: Detailed plan of acquiring aircraft, helicopters and special equipment from China (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A big criminal group arrested in Belgrade: 14 people arrested for tax evasion

Great victory by Serbia! ENTSO refused the request of Pristina to take over the electricity network in northern Kosovo

Novi Sad was glowing last night: New Year's decorations were turned on last night in Serbian Athens (PHOTO)

Scientists worried, great El Nino brings a drastic change in Serbian weather: Everybody fears from the upcoming winter, and we what we can expect (PHOTO)

Kosovo has the right to create the military: NATO is not against it, but there are two conditions

Serb was fired on Malta because he spoke Serbian on the job, and he returned and murdered his boss: He laughed to the family of the victim on the trial

Milica replaced the urban life of Belgrade with the warmth of her home in Dublje: She didn't plan on it, but she has a great life now (PHOTO)

How did Tito damage Serbia for war compensation from Germany: We were supposed to get 355 billion dollars - 49.396 per capita!

10 states officially withdrew their recognition on Kosovo independence: Great success of Serbia!

Serbia from Dublin to the Ural: If one flag had to replace everyone else in Europe, it would be Serbian (GRAPHICS)

This is the soul of football that we should fight for! World media talking about Red Star's slap in Liverpool's face

SENSATION! Pavkov destroyed Liverpool, Red Star's best night after Bari! (VIDEO)

Serbia reached the top of the world in just 24 hours: We couldn't tell which of them was the greatest

The night of terror in Podgorica: He entered a shop and knocked out a girl and he kicked and hit another one (DISTURBING VIDEO)