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Is Bran Stark's enthronement an announcement of the New World Order? (VIDEO)

The ultimate choice of "Game of Thrones": Westeros has a new ruler, but did the Great council make the right choice? (PHOTO)

Albanians disembark in Zadar! Members of the "Kosovo Army" and Albania are practicing in Croatia: "Serbia should react" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The Assembly adopted amendments to the Criminal Code, including "Tijana's Law": Life sentences for rapist and murderers of children

Terrible posts of a girl (15) who hanged herself: She wore black, she wrote on her cheeks, she left dark messages and was desperate for love

Balkan has been talking about this beautiful couple from prom for days: Andjela and Damjan told us everything about the night and the reactions of people, and they sent an important message (PHOTO)

Surreal clouds over Serbia, and then the sky opened up: People of don't remember weather like this (PHOTO)

The first child has been discovered and there is evidence that it was stolen: A boy born in Krusevac 38 years ago was proclaimed dead, and now he is searching for his parents

The heaviest tears for Partizan legend Sasa Ilic: Photos of his wife crying will touch the hardest hearts (PHOTO)

Serbian list won in the snap elections in all four municipalities in the north of Kosovo and Metohija

Exclusive: President Vucic drove the crew of Telegraf on the new highway (VIDEO)

Serbia is an attractive market to invest in for HP

The finals of the Cup of Serbia will be played on Marakana!

Nikolic family procured a girl in a house near Belgrade: Purple walls full with altarpieces, stuffed teddy bears on the beds (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Brutal answer to our Gastarbeiter from Switzerland, whose child has 50 pairs of shoes: "Our youth is destroyed because of you"

Shocking letter of a mother from Knin: She is sick with cancer and she pleads for help, but not for herself, but for her children. "This might be the last thing I can do for them"

Scandalous "Resolution on the genocide of Serbia on Kosovo" has been adopted in Pristina

Kosovo police preparing arrests in northern Kosovo: Vucic revealed Pristina's plan for Monday

Confession of a raped girl (14): He created a trap with sheep, he ambushed me from behind, took off my clothes and dropped me on the ground (PHOTO)

Irena from Belgrade got married on a beautiful Greek beach, and it cost 0 dinars (PHOTOS)

Pristina frightened over the Special Court for crimes of Kosovo Liberation Army

New "game" in Serbian schools: They take off their clothes to prove that they wear originals, shoes must cost more than 170 euros!

Is this Jokic, drinking beer in a betting shop with his friends? Paparazzo photo from Sombor became a hit on the internet! (PHOTO)

Jeep smashed into a bakery in the center of Novi Sad because of "Punto": Great tragedy was avoided thanks to the driver (VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

A police officer played with a gun and he accidentally shot a man who came for the trial: Drama in front of the court in Bosnia

Famous Serbian actor Misa Janketic passed away

Victor from Berane is the most beautiful boy in the world: He is just 3 years old and he conquered the jury (PHOTO)