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Shocking confession of a father of the woman who died at the 8th month of pregnancy from flu: I wanted to give Tijana my lung,s and they told me she has passed away

I would bet that Novak will surpass Federer: Djokovic's former coach brutally honest!

"Kill Serb" appeared on containers in Split: The author of the graffiti is obviously still in '91 (PHOTO)

The most beautiful news of this morning: Little Teodora, for whom Marko Nikolic ran 1,000 kilometers to Athens, was successfully operated

Tijana (29) from Uzica died from flu in the eighth month of pregnancy: The baby died in the stomach first, and then the unfortunate girl

She was the only one who managed to make the King cry: Prijovic sang Saban's favorite song and his reaction is incredible (VIDEO)

Nikola Jokic celebrated his 24th birthday: While he was blowing candles, his brother said, "Kosovo is Srbija" (PHOTO)

Two women wrestled in the taxi in the middle of Belgrade: Hair was flying around, fists and panties all over the place, but the reaction of men caused a real disgust (VIDEO)

11 people died from flu in Montenegro, 4 of them died last week

Two great artists will rest next to each other: Saban Saulic will be buried next to Nebojsa Glogovac (PHOTO)

Kaca is a real hero, after the fatal accident, she remained paralyzed: And now, she will compete on the World Cup in swimming (PHOTO)

"I will join you somewhere there, so we can grow old together..." Obituaries of Saban's children and his widow are tearing the heart apart! (PHOTO)

A man from Belgrade went to the police station to report a lost wallet full of money, and he had the most beautiful surprise waiting for him

Dule Vujosevic for Telegraf about Red Star's running away, referee mistakes and Partizan's Cup: Whoever loses should handle it!

A priest won't be there for Saban's funeral: All the details of the last farewell of the King of folk music

Blockade of "Kosovo Army", denial of money, cancellation of visit: Due to Pristina disobedience, the United States is ready for severe moves

Afro American fell in love with Serbia because of Saban, and now he wrote a heartfelt message for his dead idol (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The old Yugoslavia united in mourning after the death of Saban Saulic

Famous Serbian singer Saban Saulic died in a terrible car crash: Drunk German hit him with 180 km/h, the car was crushed (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

The life story of the only Serbian woman (27) on Forbes list of the most successful: I got fired because I was not thin enough, I started the company overnight (VIDEO)

For the first time, Trump wrote in the letter to Vucic what is the key to relations with Pristina: He officially mentioned the mutual recognition

Serbia celebrates the statehood day: The award ceremony at the Presidency (PHOTO)

Jokic showed how many pairs of shoes he has and he amazed the Americans! (VIDEO)

Sex-affair in Petrovac: A girl (15) had orgies with the sons of local sheriffs, and then with them as well!

A decision has been made: Students will have a weeklong extension of the recess due to flu

We are getting closer to "Greater Albania": A 50-page document leaked about the plans of Pristina and Tirana

A terrible tragedy in Macedonia: Parents took out children out of the bus of death, everything smelled of oil, and this is the cause of it (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

29 people died from flu in Serbia so far: More than 104.000 people sick, most of them are children up to 4 years of age

Haradinaj "threatens" Federica Mogherini: You will lose the dialogue if you keep connecting it with taxes

Bosnian "headhunter" at the murder scene: I knew that the killer is in this field, I have been searching for him for 7 nights (VIDEO)