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Ako je kupovni ajvar 119 dinara, zašto je domaći 450? Prava istina o tome šta se u koji od njih stavlja (FOTO)

Genius plan of the girls hides behind this photo with dolls: Dunja (13) and Selena (12) amazed the entire Belgrade (PHOTO)

Wonderful plant overtakes Balkans: It grows in the garden, cures almost all tumors and kills cells, and brings tens of thousands of euros!

Terrible fire in Tuzla: Blaze engulfed the market - damage in millions, tens of people will lose their job (VIDEO)

Comtrade and Viber, with joint forces, created an option because of which you won't go to the bank anymore: Atanas Raykov discovered why it will cause a boom in the world (PHOTO)

CLEAR MESSAGE FROM GERMANY: "Kosovo Army" only with agreement with Serbs

Suzana je dobila otkaz jer je pojela 2 kriške pršute: Imam srpske gene, promenila sam ime da bih se zaposlila u Hrvatskoj

Iznenađujuća lista: Nikad ne kupujte ovih 6 stvari u supermarketima (uključujući i baterije, kozmetiku)

Comtrade achieved another great success: Cooperation made with Ricoh company - the largest printer manufacturer in the world (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Širom otvorite oči kada kupujete: Iz prodaje povučen veliki broj prehrambenih proizvoda kojima je istekao rok

Son of a "Jumbo" owner died in a grisly accident: He killed three people with dad's "Porsche", a child (3) burned in the explosion (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Milan (41) from Zemun speaks 3 foreign languages, and he has been living for 20 years from what he finds in the dumpster (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

HIT IN POZEGA: Roe deer ran into market, and its uncertain who got scared the most - her or people! (VIDEO)

HIT U POŽEGI: Srna utrčala u prodavnicu, i ne zna se ko se više uplašio - ljudi ili ona! (VIDEO)

Debate about Juventus logo: Fans against the industry, but for how long?

The production of car parts began in Nis prison: There is one problem that no one anticipated

RAZBOJNIK S CRVENOM KAPICOM: Deda Mraz stajao i smeškao se ispred marketa, a onda je ušao unutra i UKRAO CEO PAZAR

50 kilometers from Belgrade there is the happiest village in Serbia: It has 500 houses, everyone is working and they are united!

AUSTRIA CALLS FOR 30.000 WORKERS: Serbs are rushing to ski resorts, wages up to 1.850 euros, and these jobs are offered!

Austria offers fantastic wages to Serbian and Bosnian cooks

THE MOST PERSISTENT STUDENTS IN SERBIA: They walk 30 kilometers to school, parents carry them on their backs, wolves cross their path in snow!

SHE TOOK THE GUN OUT OF ATTACKER'S HAND: Brave saleswoman disarmed the thief who wanted to rob the store

The transport of meat and milk between Serbia and "Kosovo" starts

Evo koliko novca je potrebno da preživite jedan dan u Beogradu (FOTO)

SARDINA U B.ULJU: Ovo je najluđa akcija u marketima (FOTO)

Secret tricks of the shopping malls which make us spend more money (do you notice that we all do that)

Croatia received a NEW PUBLIC WARNING from European Union

Miroslav has the oldest Smurf in the world: And it is completely different from other little blue ones

Serbian sauerkraut and "ajvar" go to America: "Sarma" will become Trump's favorite dish (PHOTO)

SERBS ARE NOT AFRAID OF DEATH NOR OF DRAFT: Their greatest fear is job, and they say you can get it only if you have connection!