EXCLUSIVE: Telegraph found "abused" girl from the video that ignited the world! (VIDEO)

The girl from the clip about violence called "One photo a day in the worst year of my life," is Mia Hujic - philologist and translator for Italian. She worked as a hostess and model in Italy fashion houses „Ralph Lauren” and “Jill Sander”

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Foto: YouTube / fero061982

Video titled “One photo a day in the worst year of my life,” which begins with the smiling face of a girl, and ends with the shocking images of violence in which the girl asks for help, has caused many fierce reactions.

As Telegraph reveals, the author of this clip is Mia Hujic, philologist and translator of Italian. She worked as a hostess and model in the show rooms in Italy, and for fashion houses “Ralph Lauren” and “Jill Sander”. As a translator she collaborated with movie houses and worked on the set of the Italian series.

When we called her, Mia was visibly upset and surprised how on the Earth we managed to get to her, because it was more than obvious, that the creators of this project attempted to conceal the identities of people who had made this disturbing video.

How did you find me? Sorry, I can’t tell you anything, nothing at all. The last few days, were completely crazy! Please understand me, when I say that I wouldn’t like to give any official statements on this occasion – said Hujic.

Foto: Youtube/fero061982

Foto: Youtube/fero061982

High-budget video, with the music in the background of more than one minute, has been set up on YouTube channel under the user name of “ferro 061,982.” In the video, focus is on Mia’s face. It shows 365 days of a life of abused person. From time to time her face is bruised, with signs of strangulation, “plums” under her eyes, open wounds on the forehead and lips.

Everything culminates in a dramatic message that the girl holds at the end of the video, where she stands with the note in her hand: “Help me. I do not know if tomorrow will come”.

In just three days, the video had over 500,000 views and over 1,500 comments, and at the moment when the Telegraph revealed this video, it only had 300 views.
Some of the YouTube users offered help, and even planed concrete actions to save the unfortunate girl from the vortex of violence.

Foto: Youtube/fero061982

Foto: Youtube/fero061982

Has this brutal molestation really happened to Mia Hujic, or someone close to her, or is it just a shocking campaign to eradicate and stop the harassment, it will not be known until the author resolve to speak about this subject.

Despite everything, the video has already done a lot in promoting awareness of the necessity of preventing the violence.
Photographs indicate that bullying should be stopped immediately, that it can never be harmless, and that at any moment can escalate into a situation where help is useless. Mia has managed to stir up the public and draw attention to this problem.

According to unofficial information, the Serbian police is involved in case. They are currently working on identifying the girl (although we solve that problem for them) and determining the circumstances under which the snapshot was created. They are trying to find out as well if this case is in competence of our judiciary and the police.

Clip was carried out by almost all portals in this region, and the story was published in many influential global media such as the world famous “The Huffington Post” from Canada and French “L’Express“.


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