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Strong earthquake hits Greece

The epicenter of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake was near Crete, EMSC is reporting.

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A strong earthquake has hit Greece.

The epicenter was near Crete, while the earthquake was a 6 magnitude, according to EMSC.

According to the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center, the epicenter of the earthquake is located in the marine area northwest of Crete.

"This was the strongest I ever felt. The house shook a lot. It was scary," a Greek located 47 km from the epicenter, wrote.

"I was in bed, everything was shaking, it was scary," another wrote.

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"I was at work when it started. It shook strongly and it lasted a long time," another user said.

According to Greek media, a powerful earthquake occurred at 9:23 am local time.

A strong earthquake hit Athens and the Peloponnese, the media added.



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