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Mother suspected of throwing baby into cesspit: Husband worked in Hungary, one child already died

This family's one and a half-year-old child S.N. died two months ago

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Sabrina N., 25, has reportedly dumped an 8-month-old baby into a cesspit in the backyard of a house in Pionirska Street in Sonta, near Apatin, northern Serbia.

According to unofficial information, the baby's body was thrown in there three weeks ago.

The case was reported to the police by the suspect's husband, Kristian N., who was not at home (at the time) but working in Hungary.

The exact cause of death will be known once the official autopsy results are in.

On suspicion that she committed the crime of murdering a child, the police have detained the mother.

Sabrina, Kristijan

Photo: Facebook

Two months ago they lost another child

Two months ago this family lost S.N. - a one and a half-year-old - who was suspected to have died of appendicitis.

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