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4 organs coronavirus attacks the most; Dr. Radovanovic: Some patients will have very long recovery


This surgeon and anesthesiologist reveals which organs coronavirus attacks the most and why some people take a long time to recover

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Dr Dragan Radovanović

Photo: pixabay; printscreen/RTS

Coronavirus mostly endangers the lungs, the heart muscle, the central nervous system and the kidneys, Dr. Dragan Radovanovic, a surgeon and anesthesiologist at the Surgery Clinic of the Clinical-Hospital Center (KBC) Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade, has told RTS.

Dragan Radovanovic spoke for the RTS morning program to say that the consequences depend on the severity of the patient's illness.

"It has been concluded that in severe forms, somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of patients develop consequences to the heart muscle, that is, some form of myocarditis develops - inflammation of the heart muscle. Also, changes in the lungs, especially in severe forms, can be serious later, such as lung fibrosis," explains Radovanovic.

He added that coronavirus, in some cases, can affect the central nervous system.

"People notice some consequences to the functioning of the central nervous system in terms of forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, mood swings, some polyneuropathic pain that is the consequences of the viral activity," he explained.

Radovanovic added that the post-infectious syndrome in coronavirus lasts for a long time.

"Some patients, after recovering from coronavirus, report that they still feel tired, exhausted, that they have not returned to the form they were in before the onset of the disease. This is the post-infectious syndrome that obviously lasts a long time with coronavirus, i.e. in certain people it can last a very long time," said Radovanovic.

He added that patients who had coronavirus with a moderate and severe clinical picture should have checkups.

"Meaning, examination of the lungs with a scanner or those parts of the body that show symptoms. Of course, they also need to be patient because it takes time to recover. Different people require different recovery periods and that is why you should not be forcing anything - you should not start physical activities before you feel capable and have had certain examinations," Radovanovic explained.

He stressed that extra caution is needed in patients who had develped a moderate to severe clinical picture.


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