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Dr. Kon: Anyone cautioning me about the Hippocratic Oath should reconsider deeply

On several occasions after the easing of the anti-coronavirus measures, Predrag Kon stressed that the medical part of the Crisis HQ was not in favor of that, and that they abstained as the decision was made

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Photo: Tanjug/Serbian Government/Slobodan Miljevic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon, a member of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus, says that everyone who is cautioning him about the Hippocratic Oath because of his membership in the Crisis HQ should deeply reconsider their position on this.

He wrote that on his Facebook account.

Predrag Kon, status

Printscreen: Facebook/Predrag Kon

"Anyone who is cautioning me about the Hippocratic Oath for working in the Crisis HQ and for some allegedly accepted compromises should reconsider deeply. Even if it is Professor Dragan Delic. It has nothing to do with the truth. The Hippocratic Oath is constantly above everything else. The easing of the measures was NEVER supported by the medical part of the Crisis HQ. The boundary was especially sharp when it comes to the opening hours of cafes and restaurants," wrote Dr. Kon.

The reason for this post was a statement made by infectologist and former director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic, Dragan Delic, who said that the decisions of the Crisis HQ and the relaxing of measures seem unconvincing and do not inspire confidence. His message to his colleagues is to stick to their profession and the TheHippocratic Oath that they took.

"Obviously, a compromise has been reached once again, which is unacceptable to me as a doctor, an expert. Medicine, profession, science does not accept compromises. Medicine must be about the health of people and their lives. That is our primary landmark and boundary, based on that we make decisions as doctors, as healthcare workers. Any instance of going into some other areas can be a slippery slope where doctors usually do not cope very well," Delic said, and added:

"Profession, profession, profession, medicine, medicine, medicine, science, science, science. To stick strictly to the profession and professionalism. Our primary and dominant goal is the health of the population and to think as little as possible about other aspects. That is my advice as a colleague. We took the oath to nobody but to Hippocrates."

Immediately after the measures had been eased, Dr. Kon stated on several occasions as he was speaking for TV stations that the medical part of the HQ was not in favor of relaxing the measures, and that they abstained as this decision was made.

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