Novak "besieged" on Mt. Divciabare, photographed secretly while eating next to "uninvited guest"

The world's best tennis player spent an obviously wonderful time on the mountain

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Novak Đoković, Divčibare Photo: Instagram.com/hotelcrnivrh

Novak Djokovic became a hit of Mt. Divcibare during the weekend, where he was staying at the Crni Vrh Hotel, which is owned by our basketball player Milos Teodosic. While in this mountain resort, he behaved like a completely ordinary person. He visited the lookouts, walked through the forests covered in snow, even trained and maintained his fitness, and behaved like any other guest.

As expected, many fans wanted to take a photo with Novak, and he didn't turn anyone down, judging by the photos circulating on social networks.

Many reported that they came across Djokovic during an ordinary walk in the mountains and took photos as mementos.

However, the most interesting photo comes from a restaurant in Divcibare, taken as Djokovic was having his meal.

A dog came up to him, stood in front of him and started looking at him with the "pleadingly" look dogs have when they ask for food.

See that photo for yourself, as well as all the others of Djokovic from Divcibare below:

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