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Scandal in Seville: So-called Kosovo delegation brings flag in, stadium security rushes to remove it

Unfortunately, it remained in the possession of the members of the visiting team

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Provokacije tzv. Kosova

Photo: Twitter / Printscreen

The Spaniards did not want so-called Kosovo to play in Seville tonight last night with a flag and anthem. UEFA and FIFA forced them to accept that, but they somehow came up with creative solutions to make sure it isn't noticed. Thus, during the broadcast on Spanish television, the Spaniards cut the moment during which the anthem of this so-called state was sounded, the word "Kosovo" was not uttered once during the broadcast, while the team abbreviation in the corner of the screen was written in lower case letters, as "kos."

However, a problem still occurred in the "empty" stands. Although fans were not allowed in, representatives of the visiting delegation brought the flag of the self-proclaimed country into a stadium box. The Spaniards did not like that and called security to remove it!

According to Albanian media, the leader of the fan group "Dardanians" Luli Berisha refused to hand over the flag and it remained in the possession of the visiting delegation. The same media think this incident as disgraceful for the organizer of the match, Spain.

The events during the Spain vs so-called Kosovo game (Spain won 3-1) represent a continuation of the problems that have been simmering in European football for months, preceded by a real quandary about how the visiting team will be welcomed. There is now additional pressure on UEFA, since just like Spain, neither Greece nor Georgia recognize self-proclaimed Kosovo, so it will be interesting to see these countries' reactions when they play against it in the upcoming qualifiers.

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