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Our gold: 120,000 tons of this fruit were harvested in one year

The beginning of the raspberry harvest in 2021 was delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions during April and May

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Serbia is one of the global leaders in the production of frozen raspberries, and almost the entire yield is placed on the markets of developed countries, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) says.

During 2020, according to the Statistical Office (RZS) 118,674 tons of raspberries were harvested in Serbia from an area of ​​24,028 hectares, while the export of frozen raspberries in 2020 amounted to 259 million euros, which is 40 percent of the total value ​​of fruit exports, said the secretary of the PKS Association for Plant Production and Food Industry, Aleksandar Bogunovic.

The president of the Group of Producers of Fresh and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Djordje Ljubojevic, says that the beginning of the harvest of raspberries in 2021 got delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions during April and May.

"The orchards are generally in good condition with minor deviations between the regions, without any noticeable damage caused by the weather," says Ljubojevic.

He adds that the yield is expected to be average in terms of quantity, which mostly depends on weather conditions in the coming period, as well as that raspberry farmers are mostly encouraged by last year's price, dedicated to processing raspberries and making additional investments in capacity expansion, the PKS announced.

The price per kilogram is currently above 300 dinars.

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