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House of horror in Cacak: "She was lying in pool of blood, her kids screaming 'You killed our mom!'"

The woman has undergone surgery and her condition is still life-threatening

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Čačak, muž nožem napao ženu i sina

Photo: RINA

Surgery that took several hours ended on Friday as doctors fought to save the life of 30-year-old D.K., whose husband. R.K., attacked her with a knife earlier in the day, and during the assault also injured their 11-year-old son.

"The operation was extremely difficult and demanding, she is currently in the intensive care unit and her life is in danger," RINA learned from the General Hospital in Cacak on Friday afternoon.

R.K. has not yet been arrested and the police are still searching the area.

Neighbors say they will never forget the scene they stumbled upon this morning.

"He waited for a child to open the door to burst into the house. She was lying in a pool of blood, and young kids were gathered around her. They screamed, saying he killed their mom. He told me that if I took another step, he would kill me as well," a neighbor told RINA.

Less than a month ago, R.K. tried to set fire to the family house and his wife and kids inside it.

"When he is sober you can kind of of talk to him, but he is often intoxicated and then he is quite violent. They moved in from a village in the Ivanjica region, and the police often came to their home. Jealousy was the cause of their problems," say neighbors.

According to unofficial information, R.K. took a rope with him and disappeared into the woods. It is speculated that his wife is pregnant and that was one of the reasons for this latest quarrel, but that has not yet been confirmed.


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