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"He was running, they chased him with axes, kiosk worker locked herself in": Eyewitnesses to Zemun attack


"He was moaning, there were people at the stop, but no one dared to approach"

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Trafika u Zemunu, sekira

Photo collage: Marko Jovanovic, Shutterstock, Telegraf.rs

Igor M. (24), who was attacked with an ax in front of a kiosk in Zemun yesterday was seriously injured after being beaten and hit with the ax by several men, Telegraf has learned at the scene.

"He was chased by three or four men who had axes. He was running away from them, tried to hide at a kiosk. They started beating him and then hit him with an ax. He was moaning, there were people at the (bus) stop, but no one dared to approach. When they  (attackers) left him and ran away, a man from the stop called the police," says one of the neighbors of the beaten young man.

The attack happened last night a little after 11 pm, and as we found out, the victim has undergone surgery, has a fractured skull and a broken leg.

"He is not problematic, we have known him for 15 years, he and his family are my tenants. His brother is a well known surgeon, I think he was mixed up with someone else," says the landlord.

The police are still looking for the attackers.


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