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Horrific injuries sustained by Serb shot by ROSU from AK-47: Galjak is still in serious condition


Vreme čitanja: oko 3 min.

"Galjak has received four units of blood and is under medical supervision around the clock," Dr. Elek told Telegraf.rs

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Dragisa Galjak

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Dragisa Galjak, one of the three Serbs who sustained the most serious injuries during yesterday's clashes in Kosovo and Metohija, is still in intensive care and the state of his health is still worrying and difficult, Dr. Zlatan Elek, director of the clinic KBC Kosovska Mitrovica, told Telegraf.rs this morning.

The photos documenting his injuries make it clear how serious they are. As President Vucic said yesterday, he was shot in the back from an AK-47, when his pelvis, stomach and hand got wounded.

"Dragisa Galjak is in the intensive care unit, he is still in serious condition. He has received four units of blood and is under medical supervision around the clock," Dr. Elek told Telegraf.rs.

On the other hand, Dragisa Milovic and Caslav Sofornijevic, two other Serbs who yesterday should have been treated at this clinic, are now back among their people.

"Of the three injured who should have gotten medical treatment at the clinic, two refused and returned to their people in Zvecan," he said.

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic told a press conference last night that in total, 52 Serbs sought help at hospitals yesterday, and that three of them had the most serious injuries.

According to him, the worst wounds are those of Dragisa Galjak from Kosovska Mitrovica, Dragisa Milovic, a former president of Zvecan municipality, and Caslav Sofronijevic.

Vucic described how Galjak was wounded when a ROSU (Pristina special police unit) member fired at the gathered Serbs from an AK-47.

"A ROSU member kneels down and fires from an AK-47 in the direction of the Serbs who are retreating and shoots Dragisa Galjak in the back, in his pelvis, stomach and hand. Two bullets hit him. At that point, the Serbs responded by throwing stones and in all other ways. In several places, snipers, brought by (Kosovo) Albanian special forces, were photographed aiming at the Serbs. 52 Serbs were injured and sought help at KBC Kosovska Mitrovica. More were injured. Three of them were seriously injured, including 50-year-old Dragisa Galjak, who was wounded with two bullets fired by Albanian special forces," the president said.

He said that Igor Simic, a member of the Serb List, warned on several occasions that the Albanians had brought a lot of weapons, snipers, to the (northern) municipalities, near schools, that the Serbs responded only with non-violent resistance, with songs, dancing, offered KFOR members coffee, chocolate and showed in every way that they did not favor violence.

"Dragisa Galjak, a doorman from Kosovska Mitrovica, was the one most seriously injured. He was shot from behind, two bullets hit him. He underwent surgery and at one point the doctors were fighting to save his life due to heavy hemorrhaging. Now he is in intensive care, we believe, unless there are complications, he will certainly live. The second most seriously injured is Dr. Dragisa Milovic, he has multiple injuries, from blows to the chest, abdomen, arms, legs, he is under observation. The third is Caslav Sofronijevic, who received several blows to the chest, injuries from rubber bullets that hit him in the thigh area, he is also currently under observation.

"Nebojsa Lezovic, Rados Petrovic, Srecko Vitkovic and Dusan Obrenovic were arrested, negotiations are underway with KFOR to release these persons. In total, 41 KFOR members were injured, mostly Hungarians and Italians. Three sustained serous wounds. We hope none are life-threatening. Big and serious consequences - for which Albin Kurti is solely responsible. I warned about that last night, and three or four days ago... No one wanted to hear it. Unfortunately," the president concluded.


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