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Henri Leconte for Telegraf: "Djokovic, Alcaraz want to replace Nadal at French Open, Novak deserves records"

Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

We are entering the final stages of the tournament, and the French legend is sure that despite all this, it will become 10 times more interesting

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Henri Leconte

Photo: Chryslene Caillaud / Panoramic / Panoramic / Profimedia

The famous French tennis player Henri Leconte is one of those who are considered to not hold back and are very interesting interlocutors. It was the same this time in a conversation with Telegraf, where the finalist of the French Open in singles and winner in doubles had some advice for Novak Djokovic on how to reach his record 23rd Grand Slam title.

Everyone is watching out for the final before the final, because just before that fight for the trophy Novak would have to clash with Carlos Alcaraz, currently the top ranked tennis player.

"I expect him to play his game, to be as strong as always. At the end of the day, though, it's additional pressure on him. It will also be on Alcaraz, but more on Novak. Both think they will be able to lift the trophy and take Rafael Nadal's place at the French Open. Both have the potential to win."

If Novak does, he will be the only one to win all four Grand Slams three times, how do you view that?

"That will remain for a long, long time. That's something that Novak deserves, he's doing everything to make it happen. On the other hand, those numbers can even increase, that simply has to be respected."

What makes Alcaraz so special?

"He attacks all the time, if you let him play a little more, you are in a bad problem. He hits the ball very hard, finds a great combination of shots for a quick point which is very difficult on clay. Between you and I... He is a complete player, has every shot, serves well, returns well. When he's on the serve, he's way back, you have to mix your style, like John McEnroe, to hurt him."

Did he bring any novelty to tennis?

"It is very nice to see someone playing tennis at such a level and constantly smiling. In today's world and tennis, that is important, because we lack personality, we lack that enjoyment on the court. It's all good, being serious and focused, but you have to have fun sometimes. That can take the pressure off you, maybe that's why he's grown into the player he is."

Young players are increasingly complaining about the coaching of their opponents, what is your position on this issue?

"We certainly did that, but you didn't know! (laughs) At first I was against it, because I'm an old-fashioned guy and of some previous era, but now I think it's a good idea. It could help tennis. We can try, maybe get the coaches to wear small microphones so that people watching at home can hear what is being said. That would be a new direction of tennis. The Grand Slams are doing well, but some tournaments are losing attendance, maybe that would bring some new blood into this sport," concluded Leconte.


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