Teme: autopsy

A boy from Obrenovac killed himself because of sadness for his family: He missed his father, his mother left him, she took sisters and his twin

INCREDIBLE TWIST IN THE CASE OF A MURDER ON ZAKYNTHOS: Latest autopsy evidence can set the arrested Serbs free (VIDEO)

12 meters long body taken out of the Adriatic sea: Croats found a dead whale, it is suspected that this killed it (PHOTO)

They've shot at my heart, they shot at Bogdan's dad, they shot at all of us: A stone would start crying over the status of Oliver's wife on Facebook

Terrible murder in Croatia: A drunk woman called the police, hung up the phone, grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband!

Bosnian (19) left to work in Croatia, then they found him dead in his room! (PHOTO)

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The results of the autopsy of Srdjan Todorovic's son are in

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The head of my Milica was smashed: Father Jovo in sorrow for his daughter who was a fitness champion and his five Tanja. He has only his son (11) now (PHOTO)

Tragedy in Slovenia: After the death of an experienced parachutist from Istria, a paraglider has lost his life!

HIS HEART RUPTURED ON TARA RAFTING: Shock from cold water or impact against a rock are to blame for the death of a man from Belgrade

AUTOPSY DISCOVERED WHAT KILLED ANDREJ BEUC when he jumped in Drina river and disappeared forever! (VIDEO)

DEAD COP MYSTERY SOLVED: He died during car sex?


Stefan Ilic's parents will go to jail if it turns out that his brother killed him?

GREAT TRAGEDY: Stefan Ilic (12) was found dead in a canal!