Teme: China

Russia ready to join the negotiations about Kosovo: Popovic after the talks in Moscow

Cooperation between Serbia and China at the highest level in history: The new silk road is changing the map of the world, our country is a significant point in the "Belt and Road" route

Exclusive: The man who is "guilty" of Melania and Donald Trump meeting each other. He is speaking to Telegraf about it for the first time (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Chinese are arriving in Belgrade: Hot movie summer continues in the capital

A terrible warning by Wesley Clark: Brutal conflicts on Balkans are not the thing of the past

They are geniuses and the pride of Serbia! Our students are officially the best robotics engineers in the world

Grandma Vanga's frightening predictions for 2018: There will be 3 major events in the world!

LIKE A MOVIE: Team from Zemun won against Novi Sad in the Serbian finals of the World Tour with the craziest shot! (VIDEO)

The most beautiful Bosnian is conquering the world: This beauty became the Miss of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and her Instagram photos announced her victory (PHOTO)

The history is being made today: First flight on the direct line Belgrade - Beijing

The Chinese are making a movie about bombing of Serbia: They are documenting the evil left by depleted uranium

Balkan match: America took the lead with 1: 0, Russia in counter-attack, China and Turkey from the sides, EU on goal

Serbia is now an official candidate for the World Indoor Championship in the year 2020!

The Serbian passport is more valuable than the one from the SFRY: We can travel to 111 countries without visa

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: Chinese donation to the Army of Serbia (PHOTO)

Soon we will travel at 200 km/h from Belgrade to Budapest and Athens by train!

CHINESE ARE CALLING SERBS: They offer free accommodation and food, good pay, and everybody can do the work!

Vucic: Statement by William Walker may cause instability and tragic consequences

If you know Chinese language, you don't have to worry: You are in for a safe and very dynamic job

Some countries in the Balkans are envious of Serbia for cooperation with China

Chinese are mad for Serbia: Invasion of tourists begins because they don't need visa

CLASH OF EMPIRES ON BALKANS: Deadlock threatens to IGNITE the region

Russia is not allowing Serbia to join EU, but THESE FORCES are lurking from the shadows

Cleo called from warm Brazil: If Partizan calls me, i am coming, that is my dream (PHOTO)

NEXT YEAR 2 MILLION TONNES OF STEEL FROM STEELWORKS! Vucic: Picture of beautiful and powerful Serbia (PHOTO)

China abolishes visas for Serbs from New Year for up to 30 days stays (PHOTO)

HISTORICAL DAY: Government proposed abolishing visas with China

Vucic: We want better relations with the Croatia, but we will know to protect our national and state interests

EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS REVEAL AMAZING FACT: Every year Montenegro moves toward Italy by 7 millimeters!