Teme: custody

AGROKOR CASE: 12 associates released pending trial, Ivica Todoric detained

Terrible fate of Ana who falsely accused an acquaintance of rape: She fell in Timok river, and her best friend drowned while trying to save her

Hostess from Zakynthos gave TWO STATEMENTS: The fate of Serbian men depends on the girl who has two versions of the event?

After Serbian hostess, nurse talked about the murder on Zakynthos: 19 blows to the head, these objects were found in his pockets (PHOTO)

Serbian ambassador visited all arrested people: They treat them in accordance to the law

He stabbed his father 22 times, and they sentenced him to 19 years in prison: "He forced me to oral sex!"

Nina's boy is being taken away today to hand him over to father: The entire city is on the streets, they will defend the small boy (7) (VIDEO)

BREAKING NEWS: Reduced sentence to Djordje Prelic for the murder of Brice Taton!

American sexually abused two girls from Kragujevac, and then attacked police officers!

Millions stolen in Skopje: Treasury worker admitted the guilt, but he is not revealing where the money is

BRITISH WON'T GIVE SERB STOJAN: Petition against deportation has been signed by 22.000 people (PHOTO)

Serbia wasn't officially informed about Haradinaj arrest

MASS ARRESTS OF DEALERS IN SERBIA: Watch the lightning police operation "THORN"! (VIDEO)

Two Serbs released from custody, Ivanovic remains remanded

SERBS ROBBED COSA NOSTRA: The arrested robbed mafia villas in Italy