Teme: father

Djordje is just 16 and the entire family depends on him: He takes care of the sick father, sister, home, because he lost his mother (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The saddest story about the youngest Serbian hero: Spomenko had a father, who gave up on him, and today, he is getting a pension in the name of his dead son (VIDEO)

Who is Josip Rodjak, the monster who threw four children from a terrace? He was selling stolen cars, has a bad temper, and relatives kept away from him

Shocking confession of a father of the woman who died at the 8th month of pregnancy from flu: I wanted to give Tijana my lung,s and they told me she has passed away

Dragan inherited a house from his grandpa, but he decided to give it to a family with four children: The humanity of this person has no limits (PHOTO)

No one said anything when he was driving drunk, drugged, and when he endangered other people's lives, but I am a mother and after this shirt that the famous singer wore, I will be silent no more

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Mother of slaughtered children had a nervous breakdown in front of cameras

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

Two babies killed in Serbia in just 5 days, the monstrous acts continue: We can't forget about burning or drowning of newborns

Jovan united entire Serbia with his sad story, and now the boy from Vrmdza will get a house

Former prime minister of Croatia spoke about her sad first day of school: "They mocked me because I don't have a father and they beat me up" (PHOTO)

More and more young people are leaving Croatia: Buses full, mothers cry while they send their children away

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

A drama of Serbian tourists on Brac: Croatian minister saved them from certain death (VIDEO)

This is how the champions are made! Novak playing with his son Stefan is one of the most beautiful things you will see today (VIDEO)

The crime that will never be forgotten: It has been four years since the brutal murder of Tijana Juric

Father and a daughter were killed by electricity in a barn with cows: Older son prevented a greater tragedy and saved other members of the family (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

And what would have happened if Novak didn't have such an "evil father"? (VIDEO)

The most emotional moment of Wimbledon: Stefan hugging Novak after the finals! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A twist in the case of a missing girl: She sent a mail with terrible content, she charged her parents and her uncle for harassment

Fathers of the brutally murdered young men, David and Dzenan, protested in Sarajevo: They asked for justice for their children and they said they won't give up (VIDEO)

The confession of a mother of a raped boy: His father beat us, I was no mother, nor a woman, but an animal who endures it all! (PHOTO)

He called me and he said: "Son, come quick, I am hanging over the river". How was my father saved, the truck driver who almost fell off from a bridge today (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

My father was killed in war, I extremely hated Serbs and everything Serbian, and then I fell in love with you: Letter and a lesson of a Croat

Friends on Facebook are justifying Rasa and they don't believe he killed his father: "He is lovely, he made good parties, let's sent him money to prison"

The eyes of the entire Balkans set on the drama in Skopje: Jovan is going to the court for switching babies, and the clinic will sue him! (PHOTO)

A girl (17) ran away from her house and then she discovered to the police that her father sexually harassed her

The Bosniak, for whom Srdjan Aleksic gave his life, now has children and he is teaching them to be like this brave lad: The memory lives for 25 years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Hero of a great heart beaten on this day 25 years ago: Srdjan Aleksic gave his life for his Bosniak friend (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Hristov family is going hungry to bed, the heart of father Vladimir tears apart when they ask him if there is anything to eat: The tears of the family living in a freezing room (VIDEO)