Teme: INjuries

Strong earthquake at the border of Hungary and Croatia: It was felt in Zagreb

Who is Josip Rodjak, the monster who threw four children from a terrace? He was selling stolen cars, has a bad temper, and relatives kept away from him

Father threw four underage children out of the window, the youngest is 3, the oldest is 8: Horror in Croatia

Another terrible car crash claimed a life, the body of Nikolina (38) was barely found: Her father, famous sculptor, is silent with pain

The silent heroes of Clinical Center Nis who treated 30 injured people: War or "Grey's Anatomy" after the terrible collision of a train and a bus

"I saw people crying, there was blood everywhere", the injured boy was in shock. The appeal of his father: It was the matter of days when a tragedy is going to happen (PHOTO)

A train hit a bus near Nis and cut it in half: At least three people died, blood all over the place (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

Terrible multiple-vehicle crash on the highway: Zero visibility due to thick smoke and a lost life, firefighters had to cut open a crushed van (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Poor Bosnian was a slave whose bones were broken, his nails were torn, and they hoped he would die from pain: Now the torturers will face justice! (VIDEO)

A car of a famous Serbian TV reporter exploded, her father transported urgently to the Emergency Center! (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Young Britons broke into abandoned hotels in Croatia and they performed stunts: They recorded everything with a single footage (VIDEO)

Terrible photos of the train accident near Ripanj. Bloody wagons, injured passengers are arriving at the Military Medical Academy (PHOTO)

People of Belgrade broke a record: In less than 24 hours more than 1.500 called for an Ambulance

Milos' pregnant fiancee Snezana is still in critical condition: She is still in shock room and she doesn't know that her boyfriend is dead

A man was shooting in Nis. He was on a probation: If the policeman hadn't stopped him, we would've had a massacre

The video from Indjija will make your blood freeze: Both drivers rushed into the intersection, there was a terrible sound, and then both cars fell apart (VIDEO)

Daddy's son crashed "Ronaldo's Ferarri" worth 170.000 euro near Belgrade, it was the most expensive used car in Serbia (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The defender of the accused in the Zakynthos case: Serbian boys won't go to a lifetime in prison, even if it is proven that they committed aggravated murder!

Raging Lake Ohrid swallows everything in its path: Cafes underwater, the bridge is flooded, and the locals are fearing the worst (VIDEO)

The murderer from Ruzveltova street in Belgrade has died

Brutal fighting scenes in Kolasin: A group attacked a boy, there was a girl among the bullies, and everything started with the fight of two families (PHOTO)

A husband found out that his wife was cheating on him, so he called her lover: Bosnian woman was ruthlessly beaten by both of them!

Bjelogrlic silenced everybody! The actor's response to the drama on Vracar, when he saved a boy from certain death

The robber left a baby in the taxi and she went for her target! Drama at the south of Macedonia, the victim was a granny (80)

Bizarre accident in Macedonia: He was run over by a tractor, then he called for the Emergency Ambulance, and then he died

A series of explosions in Banja Luka: Cars are on fire, panic in the city, people are injured (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

NEW FIGHT ON ZAKYNTHOS: Two Swiss men injured in conflict with Serbs, one in hospital!

Drama on the beach in Sutomore: Stormy wind collapsed waterslide, five children injured (VIDEO)

Terrible photos and details of the car crash near Podgorica: Cars completely smashed, among the dead young married couple and their daughter (7)