Teme: Los Angeles Clippers

Denver had +19, and then Bobi went in: Marjanovic demolished Jokic's team and turned the score with 18 points in 15 minutes! (VIDEO)

Bombastic NBA trade connected the Serbs: Bobi and Teo together, Clippers sent Griffin to Detroit!

Americans started wearing Serbian jerseys because of Bogi: Bogdanovic broke the record, but Teo was victorious! (VIDEO)

Teodosic assisted for the dunk of the evening, Bogdan double digits in Kings defeat (VIDEO)

Teo turned the ball around his waist, he dribbled the Kings' player out of bounds, and he threw perfect assist! (VIDEO)

Clippers asked Teodosic to smile: Christmas video from LA is absolutely awesome (VIDEO)

Teo dominated with assists: The ball went through Croat's legs, and many didn't even understand what happened! (VIDEO)

TEO IS BECOMING MORE AGGRESSIVE: He amazed the coach with his game, and he even started blocking! (VIDEO)

Novak is the star in Los Angeles: He took Teo's jersey, took a picture with Curry, and then watched Clippers while they were demolished! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The first duel of Teodosic and Bogdan in NBA: Americans saw all the glory of Serbian basketball in one place! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

The ball flew with the speed of light: Teo scored his first points in NBA, and then there was a sick assist that stunned the reporters! (VIDEO)

THE MAGIC BY TEO, NBA IS ALREADY CRAZY ABOUT HIM: He amazed everybody with his crazy assist without watching! (VIDEO)

Clippers fulfilled Teodosic's request for the letters and every Serb will be proud, Bogdan showed the Kings what kind of technique he has! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)