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Djokovic announced beautiful news before the quarterfinal match of Roland Garros (VIDEO)

Ivanisevic scolded Kyrgios over reckless comments about Novak: Perhaps you like someone more or less, but... who cares?

Djokovic published so far unseen footages of special training for the French Open: The professional dancers would envy his "twisting around"! (VIDEO)

Djokovic set a new record which will never be broken: No one in history managed to do this in Grand Slam!

I didn't know where I was because of the alcohol: Djokovic reveals why he stopped drinking for good, how he "missed" Jordan and how he learned to endure

I would bet that Novak will surpass Federer: Djokovic's former coach brutally honest!

Djokovic: What a year, troubles with injury, elbow surgery, and now I am holding the trophy of Australian Open before you...

The Americans asked Jokic if he is going to watch Novak in the finals of the Australian Open, and his facial expression said it all! (VIDEO)

Spanish media about the mighty Novak: He destroys everything on his path and he answered to Nadal! (PHOTO)

Djokovic exclusively for Telegraf: It is great that Red Star in the Champions League and my return happened in the same year. Family before tennis

Novak was going crazy on Marakana, he celebrated the goal of Red Star as if he has won the Wimbledon (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Englishmen crowned Novak in London, and then the best tennis player in the world sent a message about Serbian history to everybody (PHOTO)

Novak's first message after returning to the No.1 place: He published the powerful words and a photo from his childhood, you won't be able to recognize him (PHOTO)

Only two tournaments remain, the difference is 215 points: What does Djokovic need to finish the year as the No. 1 tennis player in the world?

Novak conquered Shanghai without a lost set: Great game of Serb in the final, he won the 32nd Masters! (PHOTO)

Djokovic destroyed Anderson for the semifinals of Shanghai: Chinese people amazed and they cheer with Serbian flags (PHOTO)

Novak and Rafa are preparing for the spectacle: They will play tennis in a football stadium with 60.000 seats! (VIDEO)

Djokovic for Telegraf: How I became close with Federer and why I left the Red Star's match after 10 minutes (VIDEO)

Nole, please, I am all wet... Rival begged Djokovic for a break, and that is just one out of three craziest moments of the match! (VIDEO)

As if he knew that Federer would lose: Watch what Novak said when asked if he would watch his match (VIDEO)

Djokovic in the third round of US Open: Novak needlessly played an extra set, and he has 12:1 against the next opponent!

Djokovic survived the hell of a 1st round at US Open: Serb stronger than stomach problems and tricky Hungarian!

US OPEN STARTS: Novak on the court on the second day, experts calculated who will play seminals and finals!

Novak, you became immortal: Djokovic's historic victory against Federer in the finals of Cincinnati (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Djokovic was attacked by a bug and it "helped him" win the second set (VIDEO)

True Davis Cup Reform Must Be A Tennis Affair - And Not A Business One

A trump card of Novak's play: A tiny change became the strongest weapon for the trophy on Wimbledon! (VIDEO)

And what would have happened if Novak didn't have such an "evil father"? (VIDEO)

Djokovic officially in the TOP 10 after winning the Wimbledon!

The most emotional moment of Wimbledon: Stefan hugging Novak after the finals! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)