Teme: Traffic accident

Jeep smashed into a bakery in the center of Novi Sad because of "Punto": Great tragedy was avoided thanks to the driver (VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Terrible traffic accident in Belgrade: First footage from the scene, as if the bomb went off, front of the bus is crushed, a woman crying in pain

Reckless Serb in a BMW caused chaos on a highway near Hamburg: He smashed into a "Ford", the driver died, two passengers injured (PHOTO)

A terrible accident, pictures from the scene: Four passengers died in a bus and truck crash in Serbia

The footage after the terrible accident where four Serbs died: The driver fell asleep and he smashed the fence. The only survivor was wearing a safety belt (VIDEO)

Serbs went to celebrate Easter and they died in a car crash in Croatia: Three adults and a child (14) lost their lives

Father and two sons died in a terrible accident while they were returning from engagement party: The driver recorded their last living moments (VIDEO FOOTAGE)

A car swept a student from Novi Pazar off the crosswalk in Zemun, we screamed "don't die": Car threw him 3 meters in the air (DISTURBING VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Mass brawl in Tutin between eight drivers: He left the car in the middle of the street, charged and hit a man from the other car. The madness started (VIDEO)

Another terrible car crash claimed a life, the body of Nikolina (38) was barely found: Her father, famous sculptor, is silent with pain

Famous Serbian singer Saban Saulic died in a terrible car crash: Drunk German hit him with 180 km/h, the car was crushed (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

A terrible tragedy in Macedonia: Parents took out children out of the bus of death, everything smelled of oil, and this is the cause of it (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Good news from the hospital: Famous Serbian reporter Dea is feeling much better, she is in a good mood

He helped Dea in the pool of blood, and then he jumped to save a police officer: Dusan is a hero of the emergency ambulance and he has only one request!

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

The driver of the bus explained how the crash happened in which the journalist Dea Djurdjevic was injured

Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A terrible crash at the toll booth near Nis: Serbian politician suffered serious injuries, a woman from "Opel" died

Milan went to the USA to achieve the American Dream, but he ended up in a hospital due to a serious accident: His family has only one solution now (PHOTO)

Terrible accident near Krusevac: Bus skidded in the curve and it hit a car. Doctors are fighting for a life of a pregnant woman, the firefighters are trying to get the body of the driver (PHOTO)

This is the driver of the bus of death: The Miracle Milan couldn't explain why the footage doesn't match with his statement

The silent heroes of Clinical Center Nis who treated 30 injured people: War or "Grey's Anatomy" after the terrible collision of a train and a bus

Five victims of the terrible accident in Nis, the doctors are fighting for the life of two children (VIDEO)

"I saw people crying, there was blood everywhere", the injured boy was in shock. The appeal of his father: It was the matter of days when a tragedy is going to happen (PHOTO)

Children, aged 10 and 13, stole a car and went wild in Skopje: They lost control and landed in a channel (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A train hit a bus near Nis and cut it in half: At least three people died, blood all over the place (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

No one said anything when he was driving drunk, drugged, and when he endangered other people's lives, but I am a mother and after this shirt that the famous singer wore, I will be silent no more

(PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE) A terrible scene in Belgrade: Tram derailed and crashed into a building, the street is blocked

Vice President of the Assembly of Serbia had a serious car crash: He was rushed for surgery

"Audi" went wild, he hit the car, and then he crashed into mine with two children in it: Confession of the driver about the terrible crash in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)