Teme: Tourist

Adriana Lima is visiting Montenegro, and she won over the region with a single comment in SERBIAN! (PHOTO)

Ana from Russia is disappointed with Croatian coast, and she is not the only one: Everything is nice on the photos, but in reality...

You return to your home country and you regret the same moment: Famous Croatian chef had an unpleasant surprise when he came home for vacation (PHOTO)

This is what a new road to the Montenegrin coast looks like (VIDEO)

Tito's tourism: World travelers can have fun in Serbia with visiting Broz's legacy (PHOTO)

SHARK ATTACKS IN ADRIATIC: They killed 9 swimmers in 150 years, one Serb was among them

Croatia has problems with tourists: Local population is bothered by arrogant Englishmen

Christian was in North Korea and he danced on the most dangerous border in the world: He discovered everything we didn't know about Kim (PHOTO)

Envious number: 80.000 passengers were flying to New York in one year

He found Godzilla, and now he is searching for the Attila's grave in Serbia: American producer revealed what he "dug out" in our country (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

People of Split in Shock: Girl climbed the roof of the building, and while the people shook their heads in disbelief, she simply sat down (PHOTO)

The most famous swinger beach in Croatia: Couples make love in broad daylight and have orgies in front of people who have a fetish to - watch (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tourists are rushing to the Croatian island, place of SODOM AND GOMORRAH: Drugs, drinks and sex, and they call Hvar - new Magalluf (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Diego has become a Serb in Argentina when we took gold in Athens: He cried after Mijatovic's crossbar and learned the Cyrillic because of Sale Djordjevic (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

In the first three months 525.544 tourists were in Serbia, the number of foreigners is growing the most

Old city Buzim: Mysterious Bosnian fortress attracts many visitors. The view from the top takes your breath away, and that't not all! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

If you know Chinese language, you don't have to worry: You are in for a safe and very dynamic job

They entered the mysterious church of St Nikola in the village, which was flooded for half a century: Water began to recede and to reveal its secrets (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

30 seconds of Serbian beauty: This advertisement of our country will spin on world media! 600 is not enough times to watch it (VIDEO)

I was in a village with unusual church, stone flower with 8 petals: Legend says that golden bells are hidden here, and everybody is searching for them (PHOTO)

Montenegrins brutally responded to Putin: We are not against the Russians, the Russians are waging war against us

Belgrade is the first on the list of destinations that should be disclosed in 2017

Stojanovic family from Nis went to the other side of the world, and they treat their guests with REAL SERBIAN GIBANICA (PHOTO)

The only restaurant in Serbia where you eat and drink for free: Everybody pays how much they want (PHOTO)

In Srebrenica, a church, mosque and cathedral within 200 meters: Serbs and Muslims living together, they reveal what is the wealth of "city of hope" (PHOTO)

Belgrade in the eyes of great Vogue: The life like this on the rivers is unique! They smoke and drink out of hobby, but they are happy! (PHOTO)

The real gem of the Balkans, waterfall Kravice: People around the world come to enjoy the oasis, water amphitheater is a special magic (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Mystery of Serbian fortress where birds ate a girl tied to a rock: These beautiful towers hide the greatest secret (PHOTO)

2.000 euros wage: Croats are searching for Serbian workers, but there is only one condition!

Life of a beautiful stewardess from Pancevo: I have enough money in Serbia, I travel because I can't stay still (PHOTO)