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Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!

A fine of 700 euros is foreseen for everyone who is in a drunken state on the street or with a bottle in their hand

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Budva could follow the steps of Croatian Hvar when they solve more important problems and they could start fining the naked touristsand those who are stumbling drunk around the city and who spend the night in the open could be fined too.

Tourists are rushing to the Croatian island, place of SODOM AND GOMORRAH: Drugs, drinks and sex, and they call Hvar - new Magalluf (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

On Hvar, for example, walking in a bathing suit outside the beach is fined 600 euros, and those women who have only lower part of the suit, or man without the shirt will pay 100 euros.

A fine of 700 euros is foreseen for everyone who is in a drunken state on the street or with a bottle in their hand.

The chairman of the Chamber of Tourism Association of the Chamber of Commerce, Dragan Ivancevic, gives a "green light" to such a decision, stating that they could animate better tourist clients in this way.

- The aim of the tourist economy is to eliminate all elements of primitivism, that is, that which does not correspond to the Mediterranean mentality. For example, a bar in the open creates a huge noise, and a place like that gathers people who dress without covering their private parts - says Ivancevic.

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- We certainly feel that it is necessary to restrict tourists and citizens in this regard, to introduce a certain dress code that must be respected, to limit them where it is allowed and where it is expected for intimate parts of the body to be shown - Ivancevic said.

Even the mayors of the Montenegrin coastal municipalities - Budva, Kotor, and Ulcinj - have nothing against the penal policy that refers to an inappropriate dress code outside the beach, such as walking in a bathing suit on the streets of the city, they even consider it potentially useful.

However, they believe that such decisions should be implemented at the state level, not at the local level.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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