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An entire village in Bosnia rises up against migrants: "If you bring them here - we'll go to the EU"


The location where migrants are supposed to be accommodated is 10 kilometers away from this place

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Representatives of the Bosanski Petrovac Municipal Council have passed a resolution calling on the government of the Una-Sana Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina to abandon a plan to place migrants in Medeno Polje, pointing out that this decision violates all legal, human and common sense norms.

"Otherwise, the citizens of Bosanski Petrovac will block the main road, and as the ultimate measure, will leave their town and head for the EU," says the resolution, sent to Tanjug news agecy.

Medeno Polje is located 10 kilometers away from Bosanski Petrovac.

Representatives of the Council explained the resolution by stating that Bosanski Petrovac is a small rural community, burdened with many problems, and that an additional problem with migrants would cause its collapse.

"Regardless of their national, religious or political affiliation, the citizens of Bosanski Petrovac are unanimous in their position not to allow migrants to be accommodated in the territory of our local community," said the resolution, signed by Deputy Mayor Dusan Dosen.

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