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Police officers, father and son, professor arrested for drug dealing: The operation in Majdanpek

The five are suspected of trafficking drugs in the Majdanpek area in the past period

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Among the five persons arrested yesterday in Majdanpek for drug dealing are two police officers - Aleksandar DJ. (55), a former chief of the Majdanpek police station, his son Miroslav DJ. (31), a police inspector, but also a professor at the Technical School in that town Dragoslav M. (46), the Belgrade media are reporting.

They were arrested on suspicion of drug dealing in Majdanpek, along with Sinisa I. (53) and Ranko S. (53) from that town.

The MUP said the police found 326 grams of marijuana in Miroslav DJ.'s car, while about 40 grams of the drug were found in Ranko S.'s apartment, along with a digital scale for precision measuring, as well as money suspected of being obtained through the sale of narcotics.

The five are suspected of trafficking drugs in the Majdanpek area in the past, which is why they were ordered in detention for up to 48 hours by the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Negotin, and they will be brought to this prosecution with a criminal complaint.

According to the order of the Negotin Higher Public Prosecutor's Office, the suspects have been detained for up to 48 hours and, with a criminal complaint, will be brought to this prosecution.

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