Teme: Serbia

Jokic showed how many pairs of shoes he has and he amazed the Americans! (VIDEO)

Sex-affair in Petrovac: A girl (15) had orgies with the sons of local sheriffs, and then with them as well!

A decision has been made: Students will have a weeklong extension of the recess due to flu

29 people died from flu in Serbia so far: More than 104.000 people sick, most of them are children up to 4 years of age

Haradinaj "threatens" Federica Mogherini: You will lose the dialogue if you keep connecting it with taxes

Zeljko left his wife and four children over waitress Violeta, and then he shot twice in her head: Bloody crime in Vienna (PHOTO)

I will miss your jokes, your craziness, and even our quarrels with each passing day: Sadness and love are echoing in the poem of the brother of Gojko who died

US ambassador unannounced at Haradinaj: US pressure rises

Dodik about the welcome on the stadium in Sarajevo: I have heard the applause for Kosovo delegation and boos and whistles for Serbia

Thieves got on the bus in Novi Sad: The driver grasped the money from the tickets, and then they beat him up (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

Gojko (20) was at the party and then he started walking home because he didn't have money for a taxi. His body was found in the morning by the road in the pool of blood (PHOTO)

Family Neskovic crushed over the death of the twin (2) whose live was swept away by a virus: They barely conceived them, and now the sister has the flue (PHOTO)

Police officer Marina saved a raped girl from even worse fate: She reacted quickly with her colleague Marko (PHOTO)

Good news from the hospital: Famous Serbian reporter Dea is feeling much better, she is in a good mood

Bobi set Philadelphia "on fire"! Ovations for the Serb confused the American commentators (VIDEO)

Two people have passed away from flu in Nis: The epidemic is becoming serious, 11 people are fighting for their lives!

Croatian soldiers headed to Kosovo: They are going to the American base Bondsteel (PHOTO)

He helped Dea in the pool of blood, and then he jumped to save a police officer: Dusan is a hero of the emergency ambulance and he has only one request!

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

Jokic is going to team Giannis: LeBron didn't pick the Serb for All-Star game

Ivana Spanovic and Strahinja Jovancevic on the top of Serbia: Athletics Federation announces the best athletes in 2018! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The driver of the bus explained how the crash happened in which the journalist Dea Djurdjevic was injured

Last-minute decision: Kosovo report before the UN Security Council

Famous Serbian journalist injured in an accident: Dea Djurdjevic in Military Medical Academy, a bus tore off her arm (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Miniskirts forbade on Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and any clothes that encourages sex on Faculty of Law: Faculties introduced Dress codes (SURVEY)

Zivko shot Ivica in the head during the demonstration against Milosevic 22 years ago: Now, they met face to face in a tavern and the most difficult words were uttered (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

The police identified the people who brought gallows during the protest "1 of 5 million" in Belgrade

While there are talks about taxes, the Albanians are carrying out a sinister plan to seize Trepca

New provocations of Pristina! Thaci no longer hides his plans: We have the historical right to the south of Serbia

BRAVO: Nikola Jokic is going to the All-Star, the coaches chose the Serb for the main match!