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UEFA punishes Red Star: No fans against Tottenham in London

UEFA has punished the Serbian champion after the events during the match against Helsinki

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The Red Star football club has been punished by UEFA for the behavior during a match against Helsinki in Finland, so the Serbian champion will not have the support of its fans during the upcoming game against Tottenham in London.

As Mozzart Sport reports, the case was reported to UEFA by FARE, an organization which deals with the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination in football.

The main reason for the punishment are the derogatory chants heard during the match in Finland. However, what has been taken as a mitigating circumstance by UEFA is the fact that Red Star supporters had been provoked by the fans of the opponent, two of them - who carried the flags of Albania and of the so-called Kosovo.

Red Star will play the next Champions League game against Olympiakos on October 1 (starting at 9 pm), while the trip to London is scheduled for October 22 (9pm). The Serbian champion was defeated 3-0 by Bayern in Munich at the start of the Champions League group stage.

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(Telegraf.rs/Mozzart Sport)

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