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Serbia's tiniest and strongest fighters: Filip, Petra and Helena battle tumors, send brave message

Their photo together is both saddening and encouraging

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Petra (3), Helena (4) and Filip (5) each reach to the other's shoulder. Like all other children, they want to play and laugh, but instead of spending their time in the park, they are in a hospital in Paris, receiving treatment for brain tumors.

The chemotherapy they receive is strong and difficult. Petra has already completely lost her hair, while little Helena has some remaining strands.

The whole of Serbia participated in raising money for the treatment of these children. The campaign hasn't been completed only for little Petra, but enough has been collected to start her therapy.

And Helena, as her aunt Jelena Isakov tells us, is starting her second cycle of chemotherapy today.

Helena Gavran, Petra Đorđević, Filip Rikić

Photo: Private archive

"She's doing well. It's a little easier for us because all the necessary money has been collected. At least we don't have to think about that. And we are sure that the treatment will go all the way. Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped us and were with us when it was the hardest," says aunt Jelena.

Little Filip, who has been undergoing treatment in France since last winter after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, has already grown his hair back. The three friends spend time together in the hospital, socializing and encouraging each other.

Helena Gavran, Petra Đorđević, Filip Rikić

Photo: Private archive

Their photo together is painful but also encouraging. These strong children show that people fight for as long as they are alive and that, regardless of age, they can be brave and strong.

Let's wish them good luck and help raise money for little Petra's treatment.


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Video: Brave Helena in the Paris hospital: Dances kolo (traditional Serbian dance) while receiving therapy



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