Teme: Treatment

Milan and Tijana planned to get married and to have children, now they are fighting for his life (PHOTO)

Kristina found out that she doesn't have a uterus on her 18th birthday: She found a surrogate mother in Ukraine, but she needs 38.000 euros (PHOTO)

She poisoned the coffee of her colleagues: She must go to the compulsory psychiatric treatment

The most beautiful news of this morning: Little Teodora, for whom Marko Nikolic ran 1,000 kilometers to Athens, was successfully operated

Milan went to the USA to achieve the American Dream, but he ended up in a hospital due to a serious accident: His family has only one solution now (PHOTO)

Miracle on St. Sava's day: Little Filip Rikic (5), who is being treated for a tumor in France, came to church and touched everybody's hearts (VIDEO)

Sensational discovery: A "living medicine" for cancer and leukemia is coming, the famous Serbian doctor is bringing great news from America (VIDEO)

Mutated flu is coming to Serbia: It is a combination of swine and regular flu, it is immune to all vaccines, watch yourselves

Cry of little Nadja's mother was supported by thousands of people, but only one person joined her in protest - her friend

Cuban doctors are miracle workers in Belgrade: The prolong the life of cancer patients, they save the terminally ill people, they increase the percent of cured children (PHOTO)

Thank you, Serbia: Little Teodora (10) has beaten leukemia and she returned home after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt (PHOTO)

18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)

Stefan (20) has been fighting for his life for 2 years: He has leukemia and he is in great pain, he needs our help to defeat this dangerous sickness (PHOTO)

A new drug is raging around Serbia, 100 times stronger than morphine: The brain swells up and the organs are shutting down from one pill!

Aleksandra was just 21 when the doctors gave her only one more month to live: One decade later, this brave girl reveals why she lived (PHOTO)

Dr. Nada Basara: Cannabis and Methadone, cure or misconceptions? The human body is programmed to live 150 years! When will we find a cure for cancer? (VIDEO)

In this part of Serbia, the air is cleaner than in the Alps, people from entire world come here for treatment

Sasa crossed 200 km, he is carrying a cross on his back and a strong message to the reckless politicians (PHOTO)

Sasa is walking with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb: He is carrying it for all the children and all the parents of our "dear leaders of this people"

Rejuvenating and beautiful mountain Javor: The heroes of battle of Kosovo sought help on it (PHOTO)

Doctors in Serbia reveal how they protect themselves from the flu - is the vaccine really efficient?

Measles spreading more and more and they already reached Montenegro: 14 months old girl got infected

Serious internet and games addicts ended up on psychiatry department in Tuzla: One patient was constantly on the internet for one year, he didn't leave the house

Doctor Dzodic claims: Cancer risk can be reduced by 30 percent, and here's how

Doctors were convincing Lidija to leave her sick son, and now he is working and driving his "cruiser". Nothing can stop him (PHOTO)

A baby was infected with HIV during surgery: The child is 15 years old today and the parents told him that he is suffering from a terrible virus

I had four surgeries because of cancer, and I told my family I was going on a tour... The saddest confession of Serbian singer about the greatest fight of her life

A dramatic discovery about cancer by one of the most famous doctors from Cuba: A great disaster is upon us! (PHOTO)

A world-class feat of Croatian doctors: They saved the legs of a Russian girl with brittle bones, they performed one of the most complex orthopedic surgeries

BREAST CANCER WON'T BE SURGICALLY REMOVED ANYMORE? A revolutionary vaccine and a pill will kill the tumor cells