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Partizan supporters' leader buried: Flares and farewell song for Kica, Red Star director pallbearer

The leader of a Partizan football club supporter group was laid to rest with more than 500 people attending the funeral at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

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The brutally murdered leader of Grobari (nickname for Partizan FC supporters), Ljubomir Markovic Kica, was buried today in the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

He was escorted to his eternal home by more than 500 people, including his family and friends.

The funeral was attended by many Partizan fans, as well as members of rival groups, including members of Delije (nickname for Red Star FC supporters), who respected Markovic - which is also evident from an obituary signed by the "first squad" from Red Star's North stands.

Also at the New Cemetery today were representatives of the Partizan basketball club, Dragan Todoric and Mladjan Silobad.

One of the pallbearers was the marketing director of the Red Star basketball club, Marko Pavlovic, who was evedently very close to the late Markovic.

After Markovic was buried, Partizan fans sang a song for him in and lighted several flares that released black smoke. The song, "Up in the sky, a true army..." echoed in the cemetery.

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