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Mt. Stara's well-kept secret: Hardly anyone dares visit Serbia's biggest waterfall, 232 meters high

Did you know that a third of Serbia's waterfalls are located on Stara Mountain in the Pirot area?

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There are as many as 93 waterfalls in Serbia, of which one third are located on Stara Mountain, but residents of nearby Pirot are often unaware of this natural wealth they have.

Kaludjerski Skok is a cascading waterfall near the Bulgarian border, starting at an altitude of 1,554 meters and descending as much as 232 meters, making it the biggest waterfall in Serbia.

It was officially measured by Dragovan Stojadinovic Sule on June 9, 2012, but it takes a full day of hiking to visit this place. In part, it's reachable through very steep and risky paths and some of the mountain's least accessible terrain, which can only be passed through when there is not much vegetation.

Vodopad Kaluđerski skokovi

Photo: Wikipedia/Anica96

That is why it's best to visit it in early spring, when the snow is still melting and the waterfall is full of water.

Even the most experienced mountaineers stay away from this waterfall during summer.

Stara Mountain, which is overall fairly inaccessible, has some of the largest waterfalls in Serbia, including Kaludjerski Skok, as well as Koprenski, which is 103 meters high and located at the highest altitude, at 1,963 meters above sea level.



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