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Serbia's most beautiful roof: Everyone looks up at this building and the little paradise on top

You've certainly not seen anything like this in Serbia

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Kuća na vrhu zgrade, Pirot

Photo: Dejan Cvetkovic

A breathtaking scene. That's how one could describe a photograph of a building in Pirot, southern Serbia, whose roof contains a proper small forest, with a light green facade house visible behind it.

Yes, you read that right, the house is located on the roof of the building and its owner also created a beautiful yard full of trees. Dejan Cvetkovic made this photo from the top of a hill above Pirot that the locals call Sarlah.

"As far as the house is concerned, I learned from the comments left by others that the owner is a Pirot baker, named Dobrica," says Cvetkovic, adding that unfortunately there is no more information.

Other comments remarked that it was certainly not easy for the neighbors below, but since the building overall looks very nice, one would say there is no problem.

It's also interesting many tourist portals recommend this building as a must-see attraction.

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