Entire Serbia cried for Jovan and now he has welcomed the year 2019 in a new house: He got a donkey that he wanted so much

This is the only rotating house in Republika Srpska and the owner got the idea for it in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Jovan united entire Serbia with his sad story, and now the boy from Vrmdza will get a house

"Walls are collapsing, the floor is opening, we are waiting for the roof to fall down": Terrified people of Novi Sad ended up in the streets, and this is their cry (PHOTO)

Croatia wants to give 27 million euros to the citizens, but there is a big problem

6 minutes of terror we are all afraid of: Strong flood threatens to destroy the entire house! (VIDEO)

Such a thunderstrike is unprecedented: It was so strong that it leveled the house to the ground in Cacak

Marko (15) from Leposavic lost his entire family four years ago: He is going to the parents' house every day, but there are no more tears (PHOTO)

Terrible consequences of the earthquake in Montenegro: Old houses collapsed, families had to move out, Macedonia was shaking today (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Hristov family is going hungry to bed, the heart of father Vladimir tears apart when they ask him if there is anything to eat: The tears of the family living in a freezing room (VIDEO)

They went in the birth house of Nikola Tesla: He jumped from a barn as a boy, they stole his ideas and he had a strange obsession (VIDEO)

Valentina lost her job and she decided to go to the village: She only had 10 euros and she earned for a house and a car in two years. And she has a beautiful life (PHOTO)

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