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Pavlovic's transfer to Monaco agreed, Partizan to get 10 million euros and bonuses!

The Partizan Belgrade football club has decided to accept French club's offer and the transfer will be made public on January 1, 2020

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In mid November you could read on Telegraf that the next destination of Strahinja Pavlovic is Cote d'Azur, more precisely Monaco - and today we bring you confirmation of the transfer of the super talented Partizan player to this club, which is in the final stages.

Pavlovic is practically a new Monaco player, but will stay in with Partizan until the end of the season to help the team in the fight for trophies, while the deal with the French side will be officially announced on January 1, 2020, when the winter transfer market starts!


Strahinja Pavlović

Photo: Marko Jovanovic

Partizan considered all the remaining offers, concluded that the first from Monaco was the best, with which the footballer himself agreed. He will sign a five-year contract this winter that will bring the club 10 million euros with the ability to add 3 million soon, and the prospect of doubling these earnings with a percentage of a future resale.

The 3 million euro reward is distributed as follows: if Pavlovic plays 25 games for Monaco next season, Partizan will receive 2 million euros in cash.

Partizan will collect the remaining million in case Monaco qualifies for a European competition - the Champions League or the Europa League - during Pavlovic's five-year contract.

In addition, as we said, the club's leaders also managed to negotiate 10 percent from Pavlovic's resale, which - if the super-talented player continues to develop properly - could bring in a bonus worth millions in the future, as well as several million more from the so-called solidarity transfer, because Pavlovic was educated as a player by the club.

All that put together exceeds the amount of the current compensation.


Strahinja Pavlović

Photo: MN Press

Not only because of these facts, but also statistically and financially, the transfer of Strahinja Pavlovic will be Partizan's biggest in the 21st century and can be described as a great job, considering that this is a young player who just entered the big stage a few months ago.

Pavlovic was promoted to the first team in October 2018 with coach Zoran Bata Mirkovic, and several months later, on January 1, 2019 he officially became a professional.

He immediately imposed himself during the eternal derby played against the Red Star, which is when he made his debut for Partizan, to, in the months that followed, become one of the levers of the team, the most sought after and most expensive player in Serbian football.

At the beginning of the summer he extended his contract after Lazio went back on an already agreed transfer, and the club from Humska Street persisted in the intention of retaining the player until the end of the season in order not to damage the existing team.

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