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Lekovic's killer tried to shoot another policeman, but his pistol jammed

The three arrested on suspicion of brutally killing a police officer in Igalo, Montenegro, have denied committing the crime

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osumnjičeni za ubistvo policajca u Crnoj Gori

Foto: Vijesti.me/Luka Zeković

After killing police officer Milutin Lekovic by firing at him from a pistol, Albanian citizen Luan Hasanaj tried to kill his colleague, Aleksandar Kilibarda, too - but his weapon jammed.

The 41-year-old police officer and his colleague arrested three Albanian citizens in the border zone - Nure Hasanaj (67) and her two sons Luan (43) and Lulzin (49). After being placed in the back seat of the police car, the foreign nationals exchanged a couple of words in Albanian, then Luan shot Lekovic in the back of the head.

Ubistvo policajca Crna Gora, Nure Hasanaj

Arrest of suspects; Photo: Vijesti.me/Luka Zekovic

"Kilibarda started wrestling with them, and he (the suspect) turned the pistol towards him and tried to fire, but the gun jammed. They were able to escape and the policeman was left to help his injured colleague," a source told the daily Vijesti.

A few hours later, the three were arrested in Sutorinsko Polje while trying to flee to Croatia.

Milutin Leković policajac ubijen

Photo: Facebook/Milutin Lekovic

When the police surrounded them, Luan pulled the weapon again, according to the newspaper's sources from the investigation.

"When our colleagues got out of the official car and walked toward them, he pulled his gun and fired a round at the car, not responding to warnings. Only then was he shot in the hand with which he was holding the gun, rendering him incapable of further attack, and then they were arrested."

Ubistvo policajca Crna Gora, Luan Hasanaj

Arrest of suspects; Photo: Vijesti.me/Luka Zekovic

The same source explained that the bag from which Luan pulled the gun was carried by Nura Hasanaj.

The three claimed before a senior state prosecutor last night that they know nothing about killing a police officer.

They have been placed in detention for up to 72 hours after the questioning, suspected committing aggravated murder in a cruel manner to the detriment of an official person performing their duty, along with illegal possession of weapons and explosives and crossing the border illegally and people smuggling.

Ubistvo policajca Crna Gora, Lulzim Hasanaj

Arrest of suspects; Photo: Vijesti.me/Luka Zekovic

Earlier yesterday, the Police Administration announced that Luan and Lulzin are wanted in Albania for premeditated murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and attempted murder, while a national arrest warrant was issued for their mother for making threats.

Video: Arrest of suspects in the murder of policeman in Igalo


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