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Monika's grandfather has news about the girl Serbia is looking for: "We found clues, her backpack"

"After five days of searching for Monika, we came across clues"

Monika Krsmanovic

Foto: Telegraf/D.K., Facebook/Aleksandra Caka, Youtube/ Bozidar Uskovic

The grandfather of Monika Karimanovic, who is being searched for for the sixth day, revealed in a video message new information from the investigation. According to him, a material clue has been found.

"After five days of searching for Monika, we came across clues. We found her backpack near the village of Malca," he revealed in a video message posted online yesterday.

He also appealed on fellow citizens, especially the locals in Malca, to join the police and the Gendarmerie in search of the 12-year-old.

The video has been viewed more than 23,000 times to date.

A while earlier, the girl's parents spoke in the same way - in a video message.

They asked everyone who has any knowledge about the case to contact them, even if what they know is that this is about marriage.

"If she got married, these people are free to come forward, they will have no problems. Just so we know she's alive and well," her father said in his address.

On that occasion, the parents gave two phone numbers that can be used by anyone who knows something about the case - 063 454865 and 060 356207.


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