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Barber of Malca's hellish plan: This is how he lured Monika into the car, asking her one question

He introduced himself misleadingly and asked her to help him

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Malčanski Berberin

Ilustracija: Nikola Jovanović

Ninoslav Jovanovic, 46, better known as the Barber of Malca, lured little Monika Karimanovic into his car with the story that he didn't know where the local school was located, and was supposedly in a hurry to find out because he worked there.

As Telegraf.rs has learned, Jovanovic followed Monika in his car. At one point he stopped by her side and asked her for directions to the school.

"She explained how to get to the school, however, he told her that he couldn't find it and had get there as soon as possible because he worked there, and was in a hurry. He asked if she could come with him in the car and show him where it was," our source tells us.

Put na kom je nestala Monika Karimanović, Niš

This is the road where Monika went missing; Photo: Telegraf/D.K.

Since Monika has always been polite, friendly and good-natured, her goodness came to the surface once again and she got in the car.

"She was lured and deceived in this way," our source adds.

Monika, as we have already reported, made a statement to the police in the presence of her lawyer. She said at the time that Jovanovic introduced himself falsely and tricked her into coming with him. She also told police she was abused and tortured.

Nestala devojcica Monika

Monika Karimanovic; Facebook/Aleksandra Caka

All of this happened on Friday, December 20, when 12-year-old Monika left home for school at about 7:20 in the morning.

The search for Monika lasted ten days. Finally, she was found yesterday in the village of Pasjaca in a house from which the Barber of Malca had fled.

The police are still searching for him today. He is suspected of being armed with a pistol and a knife. He also has no jacket, and is on the run wearing only a t-shirt and a sweater.

This scenario is reminiscent of all of Jovanovic's previous kidnappings

On July 6, 2005, he tricked 13-year-old N.M. to get out of her house, and took her to an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. He cut her hair off, raped her all night and sexually abused her. Four days later, the crime was repeated, and this time his victim was a year younger, 12-year-old N.I., from the village of Gornja Vrezina. He told her that her parents had a car accident and asked her to come with him, then took her to a field near the village, cut off her hair and tried to rape her. Although he threatened to disfigure her with the scissors if she resisted, her cries were heard by locals who rescued her from the maniac. On the same day, Jovanovic was arrested in the village of Grbavce in the Svrljig municipality.

That time, he was also arrested with helicopter escort. But this is not the only similarity between the two cases and the one that the public is now carefully following - which hints at the existence of a pattern in his pathological behavior. At the time, he dragged the first victim, a 13-year-old girl, to Niska Banja via Brzi Brod, where Monika is attending the 6th grade of elementary school. Four days later, he tricked a 12-year-old girl, who was home alone, telling her that family members had a tractor accident, and that she should bring a towel and scissors so they could help them.

When the child realized she was trapped, it was too late. He had already cut her hair off.

"He struck her several times, but when he was about to rape her, he heard something that scared him. He started running, dragging along my daughter, but he was spotted by people in a vineyard who started shouting at him, so he ran away," the girl's father told our journalist at the time.


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